The Amazing Benefits of Cranberry

The use of cranberries for health date back to tribal times, when Native Americans used the natural fruit for pretty much everything. It was a food that was a practical resource as it could be used as dye and even as a medicine. We understand that there are countless benefits to all fruits, as they are a healthy and an essential part of our daily diets, but what is it that makes cranberries so special?

The Benefits of Cranberry

Research suggests that incorporating cranberries in your diet can help ward off cancers such as breast, colon, liver, and ovarian, as well as slow the progression of tumours.

Of all the fruit, cranberries specifically are known as a superfood due to their high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients. You may have heard time and time again to drink cranberry juice to help prevent or heal a UTI. This is one of the best roles cranberries play in terms of our health. It is actually proven that taking cranberry supplements in the form of capsules has more of a healing effect than the juice itself. Taking cranberry supplements for a UTI or bladder infection can help to clear bacteria from our bodies, and is a good overall form of hydration. Our new D-Mannose Plus Cranberry enhances urinary tract health, and is an amazing form of UTI prevention!

Research suggests that incorporating cranberries in your diet can help ward off cancers such as breast, colon, liver, and ovarian, as well as slow the progression of tumours.

Vitamin C, Fiber and Vitamin E

Cranberries three largest forms of nutrients include Vitamin C, Fiber and Vitamin E – all beneficial in their own unique way. Vitamin C is a good form of protection for your immune system, as is Vitamin E! Vitamins C and E also prevent and strengthen the body’s immunity towards free radicals. Large forms of fiber intake can prevent risks of stroke, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, certain gastrointestinal diseases and coronary heart disease. Plus, drinking a glass of unsweetened cranberry juice every day can also increase your levels of good cholesterol by 10%!

Recipes To Try

Add a handful of cranberries to your favourite smoothie for the ultimate healthy go-to grab.

This fruit doesn’t just have to be used during your Thanksgiving holiday traditions – there are many ways to incorporate cranberries into your daily diet! Here are a few tasty plant based options…

Raw Vegan Lemon Cranberry Cheesecake – This light pink colored, smooth party of deliciousness is quick and easy! All it takes is a few simple steps (baking not included!)

Cranberry & Almond Smoothie – Another simple, quick and easy tasty snack! Smoothies are the ultimate healthy go-to grab. This creamy cup of sweetness is like ice cream in a cup.

Vegan Orange Cranberry Muffin – These light and fluffy fruit filled muffins are the perfect breakfast meal!

UTI Prevention & Treatment

While drinking cranberry juice is a commonly recommended home-remedy for UTIs, you do have to be careful of sugar in the juice. Since it’s extremely tart, most cranberry juice has added sugar which actually slows down your immune system. Nested Naturals D-Mannose Plus gives you the natural benefits of an impossibly huge serving of cranberries in one potent capsule with no added sugar!

Prevent UTI’s with D-Mannose + Cranberry

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