Meet the Founders

Kevin Pasco, Co-Founder / CMO

Hiker, gym goer, dog lover

Kevin was a skinny guy who started lifting heavy things at the gym (which was fun) and taking nutritional supplements (which got scary). He ended up taking a supplement disguised as a fitness product that was practically pure sugar. Attempting to understand all the ingredients—disclosed and hidden—became an eye opening and frustrating experience. As he began making healthier choices for himself, he was shocked at how hard it was to find natural nutritional supplements that he could trust. He teamed up with Jeremy in 2013 to do things differently.

Kevin heads marketing for Nested Naturals and puts transparency and authenticity above all else. He doesn’t want anyone to go through the frustration he did.

Born and raised in Calgary, home of the 1988 winter Olympics, Kevin is as comfortable on the black diamonds of Whistler as on the tree-lined bike paths of Kitsilano in Vancouver.

Jeremy Sherk, Co-Founder / CEO

Biohacker, snowboarder, globetrotter

Jeremy lost countless hours of sleep to jet lag and chasing down tuk-tuks in rural Thailand where he lived and worked for several years. No surprise, that when he and Kevin Pasco started Nested Naturals in 2013, their first formula was a natural sleep aid: Luna. It quickly rose to the number one sleep aid supplement on Amazon and since then Jeremy has led the fast growing operations at Nested Naturals.

Jeremy heads product development and support, scours the world for great, like-minded partners and is so fiercely committed to customer experience that he tries each product himself.

A health nut from way back, Jeremy grew up outside Toronto and is an avid snowboarder. Everyone at Nested swears that he mixes the world’s best green smoothie (secret ingredient: one scoop of Super Greens. Secret weapon: a Vitamix, of course!).

Meet the Team

The ridiculously good looking family at Nested Naturals

Alice O’Connor


Amie Sewell

Executive Assistant

Amy Fairbridge


Andrea Lam

Marketing Analyst

Andrew Jolie

Brand Manager

Hannah Prince

Administrative Assistant

Jeremy Sherk

Co-founder / CEO

Kaitlyn Boak

Assistant Controller

Kevin Pasco

Co-founder / CMO

Lee Bougie

R&D Manager

Michael Byrne

Operations Manager

Sabrina Foldi

Finance Admin

Teresa Campbell

Research Assistant

Zuki Majuqwana

Digital Marketing Manager

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