Quality Control

There’s no messing around when it comes to quality at Nested Naturals. We’re obsessed with making the best supplements, bar none. That requires premium quality ingredients, obsessive quality control standards, suppliers who share our values and lots and lots of testing.

Premium Quality Ingredients

When it comes to raw materials, we are sticklers for purity. You’re taking nutritional supplements because you love your body. Like a good Jewish mom, we want to serve you only the best.

The FDA standards are a good starting point, but we often feel that we can do better and therefore set the bar higher for ourselves. All of our products comply with the standards set by California Proposition 65, which are hands-down the most stringent anywhere for setting acceptable limits of certain vitamins, heavy metals and other potential toxins.

When using herbs in our formulas, we tend to favor standardized extracts over powdered forms because the quality is easier to test and validate. We never use preservatives.

Manufacturing Standards

Remember how nuts Walter White went when a fly got into his superlab in Breaking Bad (series 3, episode 10)? Maybe you thought a single fly is no big deal. We’re here to tell you that we stand with Walter on this one.

The biggest enemy of a manufacturing facility is contamination. It doesn’t take much—a little mold on the wall, bacteria in the drain, allergen particles clinging onto poorly cleaned blenders, metal shavings from worn down equipment—these are all super bad and it’s a Sisyphean effort to protect against them.

Our “cleanroom” manufacturing standards are critical to ensuring the purity of our products. When the raw materials arrive at our manufacturing facilities, they are put immediately into quarantine and tested. Staff wear anti-contamination suits. Cleaning happens in rotation and includes eight to ten hours for each piece of equipment as well as frequent swabbing of drains and walls. We establish detailed standard operating procedures, for the processing of each raw material and each formulation.

All of our products are gluten-free and made in a NSF-certified GMP facility.

Sourcing and Suppliers

To deliver on our “above and beyond” quality promise to you, we are very picky when choosing our suppliers. We screen carefully for the purity of raw materials, handling procedures, cleanliness and condition of the processing equipment. Ongoing testing and pop-in site visits several times per year ensure that everything stays on the up and up.

Here’s the truth: plenty of suppliers don’t want to sign on to our supercharged quality control standards. That’s cool, but we only work with people who share the same obsessive commitment to quality that we do.

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