Making a Difference

Good health and happiness are basic human rights, but not everyone has equal access to the things needed for wellbeing: clean water, nutritious food and unspoiled natural resources. We’re doing our part by donating to charities that support the wellbeing of communities in need and the sustainability of the planet.

How Does it Work?

We donate 1% of our net profits to organizations that are uplifting lives and/or the planet right now. 

Who Gets the Donations?

We are always on the lookout for non-profits that share our mission to help our fellow humans live healthier, happier lives, including the generations that will follow us. 

That includes organizations that are working on sustainable farming, expanding access to good nutrition and providing clean drinking water. We also invest in protecting wildlife and the environment. What’s good for the planet is good for humans!

We conduct an extensive vetting process to ensure that the organizations we support are not only doing good work, but operating humanely and sustainably.   

Our Charity Partners

Vitamin Angels delivers essential nutrients to children and women in 74 developing countries where deficiency rates are both high and deadly.

How we have helped:

Nested Naturals donations have directly helped more than 151,176 women and children.

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