Meet the Team

Jeremy Sherk, Founder and CEO

Jeremy Sherk, Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Snowboarder | Health Nut

In 2012, Jeremy was living the life: He owned a lucrative internet business, worked 4-hour weeks, and spent his free time eating coconuts and mangos on a Thailand beach.

He soon outgrew this and caught a new vision to create something more empowering, people-oriented and sustainable.

So, in 2013 Jeremy founded Nested Naturals – a company that promotes better sleep around the world by lovingly crafting supplements you can trust, supporting those in need, and showing others how to live a much better life.

Prior to founding Nested Naturals, Jeremy lost countless hours of sleep to jet lag and chasing down ‘tuk-tuks’ in rural Thailand - which is why the first formula to grace the Nested label was a calming, non-addictive sleep aid: LUNA.

LUNA rose quickly to become the number one sleep aid supplement on Amazon and since then, Nested Naturals has grown rapidly, creating 20 other top-selling labels under his dynamic leadership.

As Nested's CEO, Jeremy is committed to changing the narrative in the dietary supplement industry, promoting better sleep so others can live a better life, and transforming the conventional workplace model into one that fosters freedom, transparency, growth and fulfillment. 

When he’s not busy working, you’ll find Jeremy speaking at a business conference, mixing the world’s best green smoothie, or volunteering somewhere.