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A Natural Boost to Energy, Mood and Metabolism Especially for People Under Stress, Vegans and Vegetarians

The Most Complete B-Vitamin Complex: All 8 Standard B-vitamins Plus Choline and Inositol

B-vitamins are the bomb. They play a critical role in converting food into fuel for the body and brain. Certain Bs are needed to produce hormones.1 Others are important for forming red blood cells,2 which are the worker bees of the circulatory system, carrying fresh oxygen throughout your body. If you’ve got that low energy feeling all the time, a B-vitamin deficiency could be in play.3

Stress will deplete your B-vitamins like nobody’s business. That’s because your body burns through lots of B-vitamins to create stress hormones.3-5 While your body pumps out the cortisol and adrenaline necessary to get the monkey off your back, other systems get B-starved. When we’re going through a stressful moment (tax season, we’re looking at you!), we proactively supplement with a B-Complex.

Vegans and vegetarians are at a greater risk of B-deficiency because some of these B-vitamins are most plentiful in animal products.1 In fact, B12 is not found in high levels in any plants.6 Because B-vitamins work synergistically, it’s important to have enough of all of them so that your body can fire on all cylinders. A good B-Complex helps you ensure that you are getting the proper balance.

While most B-Complexes include only the standard eight B-vitamins in the family, the Nested Naturals B Complex adds two cousins: Choline, which is important for memory and brain function,7,8 and Inositol, which has been shown to have effect on blood sugar,9,10 mood11,12 and hormones.13 These two don’t share the same B-names as their cousins, but they are widely accepted as a part of the family and their importance has only recently begun to be understood.

A Complete B-Complex to Cover All the Bases

Replenish During Times of Stress

The production of stress hormones burns through a lot of B-vitamins. Increasing your B-vitamin intake can ensure that all of the other systems that rely on B-vitamins get their due.4,5

Cell Production and Repair

A big part of metabolism is making and repairing the cells in your body. B-vitamins keep this process going.8

Energy Boost

B-vitamins play an essential role in helping the body convert nutrients from food into fuel. They also are needed to produce red blood cells which deliver fresh oxygen throughout the body. B-vitamins are natural energy boosters, helping you to feel vital and ready for anything.6

Anti-Aging Protections

A variety of B-vitamins help protect cell structures and DNA from damage. The Choline in our B-Complex helps the body with methylation3, a vital metabolic process that occurs in every cell in the body. Poor methylation is a risk factor for diseases associated with aging, including cardiovascular disease and dementia.

Mood Enhancement

The energy boost from B-vitamins alone can go a long way in helping with mood. Additionally, the Inositol in our B-Complex helps the neurotransmitters that regulate mood such as serotonin and dopamine work better.7

Brain Health

The Choline in our B-Complex plays a key role in strengthening the part of the brain involved in memory, learning, logical thinking and concentration abilities. It also helps build new neuron connections, which is what helps the brain to rewire itself when there is cell damage due to aging or injury.1, 2, 3

Metabolism Optimizer

B-vitamins help you to burn nutrients efficiently, which is not only important for energy and weight management, but also immune function, cell production and a whole host of other things.7

Immune System Stimulation

Research suggests that Vitamins B2 and B9 stimulate immune T cells that recognize and destroy pathogens.9

Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails

A variety of B-vitamins, especially Biotin, have been shown to protect and promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

The Active Ingredients Inside B-Complex

A Complete B-Complex to Cover All the Bases

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vegan Capsule Servings Per Container: 60
Amount per Serving %DV
Vitamin B1
50 mg 3333%
Vitamin B2
50 mg 2941%
Vitamin B3
50 mg 250%
Vitamin B6
(Pyridoxine HCI)
50 mg 2500%
(Folic Acid / Vitamin B9)
400 mcg 100%
Vitamin B12
50 mcg 833%
(Vitamin B7)
50 mcg 17%
Pantothenic Acid
(D-Calcium Pantothenate / Vitamin B5)
50 mcg 500%
50 mg
(Choline Bitartrate)
50 mg

† Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Vegetable Cellulose (capsule), Magnesium Stearate

This product contains no wheat, gluten, GMO, soy, dairy, egg, fish, nuts, corn, yeast, barley, sugar, or preservatives. Proudly vegan, third-party tested, and manufactured in a NSF certified cGMP facility in the USA using worldwide ingredients.

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat. Do not use if safety seal is broken.

Most Complete B-Vitamin Complex

Because B-vitamins work best when they are in balance, we don’t leave any out of our formula. In addition to the standard eight B family members, we also include the two awesome cousins: choline and inositol.

Vitamin B3 Minus the Nasty Niacin Side Effects

We use the niacinamide form of B3 because it doesn’t cause flushing or anxiety, which are common side effects of the niacin form of B3.

Bioavailable Form of Vitamin B12

We use the methylcobalamin form of B12. It’s much easier for the body to use than the cheaper cyanocobalamin form.

Natural and Non-GMO

We are relentless about sourcing the best, most natural, most ethically produced ingredients available. Our B-Complex is 100% non-GMO.

Cruelty-free and Vegan

We’ve made a conscious choice to make our B-Complex 100% vegan. We’re proud of our veggie capsules which are made from “vegetable gelatin” rather than gelatin produced from animal bones and marrow.

Your Questions, Our Answers

See the most popular questions asked about B-Complex.

Why are the amounts of each B-vitamin in this complex so much higher than the RDA?

First, it’s important to know that B-vitamins are water soluble, so there’s no risk of toxicity. Whatever your body doesn’t use flows out through your urine. In the case of B-vitamins more is not a bad thing. Research suggests that the recommended daily allowances set by the FDA are low and this is especially true when you are under stress. The body burns through a lot of B-vitamins to make stress hormones. You end up robbing Peter to pay Paul. While your stress hormones may be powered up, all of the other processes in your body that need B-vitamins get crumbs.

Should I take Nested Naturals Vitamin B-Complex with food or on an empty stomach?

Since B-vitamins are water-soluble, you can take this anytime—with food or without.

Should I take a B-Complex or B12?

The simple answer to this question is that if you have had your levels checked and only B12 is low, by all means less is more. It’s more common for people to be low in multiple B-vitamins. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and you aren’t loading up on legumes every day, you’ll likely benefit from the full B-Complex. Same goes if you are under stress. You’re likely low in a range of B-vitamins. As always, we encourage you to consult with your physician about your body’s specific nutritional needs.

What is vegetable cellulose and what is it doing in Nested Naturals B-Complex?

We use vegetable cellulose to make our capsules. We’re proud to say that our capsules are vegan and don’t include any animal parts.

What is magnesium stearate and what is it doing in Nested Naturals B-Complex?

We use miniscule amounts of magnesium stearate as a flow agent during the manufacturing process. It ensures that the supplement ingredients fill the capsule consistently and properly. We use such a tiny amount that it presents no harm to your health.

What is calcium carbonate and what is it doing in Nested Naturals B-Complex?

Calcium carbonate is a form of calcium that we use to ensure that the supplement ingredients fill the capsule consistently and properly.

Customer Reviews

Discover what real customers say about B-Complex.

I feel good after taking it for few days but it's too early to see full result. So I'm in waiting mode right now.
Great products and such a nice company to do business with. I appreciate the email giving me information about the product I ordered, very helpful.
Michael L
Love ingredients, just started a few days ago but have more energy
Carol B
I had stopped taking a B-Complex for a while (imagine thinking I didn't need help with stress!) but now that you offer one, I've begun taking it again. Good move on my part. I am confident in your product and believe it adds quality to my life.
Ebony H
Love it!! Immediately felt a difference!
Jay B
Eileen B
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