A Herbal Sleep Aid Made Just for Kids

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Making Bedtime Delicious for Your Little Night Owl

A Tasty Blend of Relaxing Herbs with a Touch of Melatonin to Encourage Easy, Restful Sleep

Good quality sleep is important for your child’s health and development.1 When your little night owl is having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up feeling rested in the morning, family peace isn’t the only thing that suffers. Sleep quality is linked to daily energy levels and positive attitudes.2 We developed LUNA Kids to make bedtime easier by promoting healthy sleep habits. It was inspired by the success of our herbal sleep aid for adults, LUNA. Lots of parents who began getting better sleeps from LUNA asked us to create a formulation that would be safe and effective for their kids. We had to do it!

If you compare the ingredient lists, you’ll see that LUNA Kids isn’t just a lower dose version of LUNA. We created our LUNA Kids formula from the ground up for children. It’s a gentle formula that works for sensitive adults, too.

A Sleep Aid to Retire Sheep Counting Routines

Soothes Even The Fussiest of Sleepers

Choose this sleep aid made with naturally sourced botanicals for a safe, gentle way to wind down kids into bedtime without battles.

Promotes a Healthy Sleep Cycle

For optimal health, your child need lots of consistent, high quality, and undisturbed sleep every night. LUNA Kids is formulated to help relax your child at night and establish healthy sleep patterns.

Promotes a Sunny Mood

Lack of quality sleep makes the best of us cranky, and this is especially true for little ones. LUNA Kids is formulated to support healthy sleep habits and maintain your child’s sunny attitude.

The Active Ingredients Inside LUNA Kids

A Gentle Blend of Sleep Inducing Herbs plus Melatonin

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Chewable Tablet Servings Per Container: 60
Amount per Serving % DV
Lemon Balm
(Aerial Powder)
10 mg
(Root Powder)
10 mg
(Leaf Extract)
9 mg
(Flower Powder)
2 mg
0.2 mg

† Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Xylitol, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Natural Fruit Punch Flavor, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide

Third-party tested and manufactured in a NSF certified cGMP facility in the USA using worldwide ingredients.

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat. Do not use if safety seal is broken.

No Fuss Bedtime

Give LUNA Kids to your child about 20 to 30 minutes before bed to ease your little one into sleep. It’s a safe, gentle way to wind down into bedtime without battles.

Sound, Refreshing Sleep

Good sleep isn’t just about falling asleep quickly. LUNA Kids also helps promote restful, uninterrupted sleep so that your child wakes up feeling refreshed.

Gentle with Naturally Sourced Herbs

The LUNA Kids good sleep formula starts with a blend of three herbs. Chamomile3 and Lemon Balm4 are known for their calming and soothing properties. Valerian Root may help to promote a healthy feeling of relaxation. 5,6 We add to this a very small amount of melatonin to nudge your child to sleep at night.

Make Bedtime Delicious

Kids love the tropical berry flavor and you can rest easy that there’s no sugar. The flavoring comes from real fruit sources which we lightly sweeten for a child’s palate with natural sweeteners Stevia leaf extract and Xylitol.7,8 Each tablet is chewable and dissolves quickly.

Your Questions, Our Answers

See the most popular questions asked about LUNA Kids.

Can my child take LUNA Kids it every night?

LUNA Kids is safe to take every night, but we always recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional for long-term use.

What makes LUNA Kids sleep aid better than a Melatonin supplement?

LUNA Kids includes a small dose of melatonin and adds a blend of gentle and natural herbs that induce relaxation and sleepiness. The herbs allow us to keep melatonin dose very low and still be a very effective sleep aid.

What is the size of the LUNA Kids chewable tablet?

Each LUNA Kids tablet measures 11mm x 4.9mm and is 720.51mg.

What is “natural” fruit punch flavor?

It’s a blend of natural fruit extracts with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.

How many tablets should my child take?

Start with one tablet and increase dosage as needed. Do not exceed three tablets in a 24-hour period. Your child’s age, height and weight all have an effect on dosage.

What age must my child be to take Luna Kids?

LUNA Kids is for children aged 4 and up.

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Juiniata W Verified Buyer 11/10/19
I have tried other products to help my daughter fall asleep as well as trying every method known to man to help her fall asleep on her own when she is restless or hyperstimulated, but nothing works like Luna kids! It calms her so she can fall asleep like normal and no after effects. I highly recommend this product to all parents of children with over active minds.
Harold J Verified Buyer 21/05/17
Anonymous Verified Buyer 19/07/18
I love this product. My son has always had problems going to sleep. I heard about these pills and thought why not try them out. They are a game changer in our home. He falls asleep half and hour after taking 1 and is out for 12 hours. We couldn't be happier with them.
Anonymous Verified Buyer 23/02/18
Our doctor approved us to try melatonin for my child's sleep problems. The first night we tried LUNA kids made a huge difference! My son slept so much better and it was obvious in his behavior the next day.
Alexander Y Verified Buyer 20/02/18
Anonymous Verified Buyer 02/12/17
Works with my 8 year old son. He doesn’t have problem taking it. He likes it. He sleeps longer than before. He still wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night but not as bad as before. We definitely buy again
Anonymous Verified Buyer 17/11/17
Dawn D Verified Buyer 25/07/17
I would like to have a choice of a small bottle or large .... I would love to buy the large bottle my kids were staying up until 4 a.m until I discovered your magic herbs on a bottle
Judy C Verified Buyer 10/06/17
Darrell F Verified Buyer 23/12/16
Great product at a fair price with fast shipping. This was a nice find for us with our autistic 9-year old boy. He seems to be getting more sleep now at night, so this has worked better than other sleep remedies we have tried. Thanks!
Anonymous Verified Buyer 26/09/19
I really love this formula, it is gentle and effective for my kiddo. I am in Canada and wish prices were CAD and shipping was easier but hopeful that it will be soon (since you all are Canadian too, I am sure you understand). Keep up the good work!
Linda R Verified Buyer 10/10/16
I am a sensitive adult. I take about 4 of these. Two at bedtime and 2 more at 4 am. So happy I found this wonderful product!
Lorraine M Verified Buyer 21/07/16
Tiffany B Verified Buyer 21/07/16
I've tried similar products, and Luna Kids comes out on top!
Christina O Verified Buyer 08/06/16
My 10 year old son was having problems falling asleep. Every morning he was exhausted. When I saw the promotion to try Luna Kids for free, I had to take the chance. I can say I am glad I did. He takes a pill an hour before we start bedtime prep. By the time for lights out, he is drowsy and ready for sleep. The Luna Kids has been wonderful! He loves the taste and remembers to take it every night. He sleeps well and wakes well rested. Definitely a great product and I am grateful I found it!
Jackie M Verified Buyer 04/06/16
I love how this works for my 4 year old. She eats a yummy chewable and within 20-30 minutes she eases into dreamland without any fuss! Thank you for a safe gentle way for us all to wind down into bedtime in our household!
Jackie M Verified Buyer 04/06/16
I am thrilled with how effectively this product works for my 4 year old!. I give the yummy chewable to her and within 20-30 minutes she eases into dreamland. I will be a repeat customer of this and others of your wonderful supplements!
Marilyn B Verified Buyer 04/06/16
Marilyn B Verified Buyer 04/06/16
The first few nights of using the Luna Kids product I was a little skeptical, it seemed to have a reverse effect. After speaking with customer service and changing the dose I can genuinely say that this is a life saver for me! It has been about a week now and my son is sleeping much better. He still likes to get up at 5am but hey at least he sleeps soundly until then!
Shannon R Verified Buyer 27/08/18
Game changer
Donna R Verified Buyer 31/08/18
This has helped this Mommy help her son sleep like nothing before. We tried everything, warm milk, meditation, reading happy stories, and then finally Adult Sleeping pills, only a 1/2 a pill. He started sleep walking when taking them. So it had to stop. These came before he starts school next week, we are both so happy. They really help him relax and have a full sleep. I like the low Melatonin. I love your company. I cannot thank you enough
Anonymous Verified Buyer 10/09/18
Been using this for around 2 years and it’s fantastic.
Lesley M Verified Buyer 13/02/19
Heather S Verified Buyer 23/08/19
Anonymous Verified Buyer 12/08/19
My picky 4 year old wont hardly take any vitamin. She eats these fine, so taste must be good. Straight melatonin didnt work for her, but this works good. First night, she fell asleep in the floor. Main purpose was a 13 hour car ride coming up and needing something natural to help her relax and sleep as she is not a very good traveler! I think this is going to help.
Angele P Verified Buyer 25/07/19
A paediatrician in AB told us about Luna and it is a lifesaver! Ordered from Nested Natural and it arrived very quickly. Hopefully, we will be able to purchase in store sometime in the future.
Anonymous Verified Buyer 23/05/19
This product is absolutely fantastic. I would definitely recommend for kids with difficulty sleeping.
Heather S Verified Buyer 12/05/19
Love this stuff!!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer 04/05/19
Luna Kids is an amazing product. Works fantastic for our spirited son. He's had issues sleeping from day one. This is the only product that's helped him get a goodnight sleep.
Courtney K Verified Buyer 13/03/19
Love it. Changed our life. Finally our kids are in bed at a decent time and we have some downtime as a couple. Hope to find it locally (Canada) instead of ordering online in the future.
Heather S Verified Buyer 16/02/19
This stuff is amazing!! My son's been using for a long time and its helping so much!!
Larissa B Verified Buyer 10/02/19
I ordered LUNA kids for my daughter but surprisingly it was a better fit for me as an adult. 2 tablets and it helps me get to sleep quickly. The tablets taste good and are easy to take. I would highly recommend this product even if you are an adult.
Anonymous Verified Buyer 14/09/18
This product works very well to induce a peaceful slumber in my two children. They both sleep right through the night and wake up without being groggy the next day.
Michelle G Verified Buyer 04/02/19
My ten year old daughter has had trouble calming down at bedtime and falling asleep. It’s been awful and stressful. I did some research and ordered Luna for her. It’s been one week and it’s been incredible. An hour before bed she takes one tablet. It relaxes her and calms her whole body down. She has slept ten hours a night for the first time in years. I highly recommend the product.
Anonymous Verified Buyer 13/01/19
This has been a lifesaver for us. Our son really struggles settling his body down to rest. This has given us our evenings back as bedtime goes so much more smoothly.
Jaclyn W Verified Buyer 15/11/18
Luna Kids helps my child, who has ADHD, wind down and sleep well when she needs it. We love it!
Anonymous Verified Buyer 10/11/18
I have used Luna Kids for about a minute month and appreciate the results. I saw it advertised for kids and “sensitive adults” and considering I’m the latter, gave it a try. I am sleeping sounder, not waking up as much during the night, and no grogginess in the morning. Very happy with this product.
Heather S Verified Buyer 03/11/18
Absolutely AMAZING!!!! This supplement has been a life saver in our house!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer 05/10/18
My son has his Luna half an hour before bed, he loves the taste and we love the results. He has been sleeping much more soundly!
Lori M Verified Buyer 01/10/18
Amazing product! Super fast shipping! Terrific customer service. Prefer purchasing directly from company rather than through Amazon simply due to superior and caring service.
Heather S Verified Buyer 15/09/18
This stuff was a god send for my son!! Love that it’s all natural
Angela M Verified Buyer 11/05/16
This product really helped my busy, night owl preschooler get to sleep (and stay asleep rather than tossing and turning). Will buy again!
Sara S Verified Buyer 04/06/16
I like this product it works for my two boys. My boys fall asleep within 20 mins of taking it only thing they seem to sleep later. But that I enjoy.
Tara M Verified Buyer 22/03/18
It's good for my autistic son. He goes right to sleep. No more jumping on his bed!
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