Our Story

The Nested Naturals Mission

We’re promoting better sleep and healthier lifestyle around the world by crafting supplements you can trust, supporting those in need, and showing others how to live a better life.

A Letter from the Founder

As climbers, snowboarders, yogis, and health enthusiasts, Nesties are the kind of people who care a whole lot about having a good night sleep and leading a healthy lifestyle. We do all we can to sleep well and eat clean. Kale salads! Quinoa bowls! Beet smoothies! We know all the recipes by heart. (Full disclosure; we enjoy chocolate cake and a good craft beer from time to time, too. Though never together, yuck!)

But, no matter how well we eat [organic, local, non-GMO, nutrient-dense foods] we can’t get all the nutrition needed for our superhero lives, from diet alone.

I tried really hard to find nutritional supplements I could trust, but was shocked to discover an industry-wide lack of transparency and honesty. I founded Nested Naturals because I believe I could do something better.

Few brands will tell you exactly what is inside the bottle or where it comes from – even when you reach out and ask. Some include ingredients that are downright dangerous; many include ingredients that cause harm to animals; while a disturbing number flat out lie about their ingredients and sources. Third-party testing is a rarity—which means nobody knows if what the label says is true.

It’s the Wild West in the nutritional supplement industry, but there’s a new sheriff in town. We set out to create the company we wish existed; one that is built on trust.

For us, that means…

  • Using safe, non-addictive ingredients of the highest quality and creating custom formulas that are scientifically supported
  • Being radically transparent about everything that goes into our supplements and third-party testing to prove it
  • Treating our customers as friends by being generous with support and information so you can make the best choices for your wellness

We are nature-loving folks who worry about the future of the planet and our animal friends. Sustainability and humane business practices are a big deal for us -- so we make choices about even the tiniest details (such as the ingredients in the softgels we use) -- with these values in mind. Why? Because we want the generations that follow us to be able to enjoy wellness and wild things.

Good health should be available for all, but many people on the planet don’t have access to basic nutrition. So, a portion of our proceeds go to providing nutritional supplements to people in need via a “Nested Naturals 1% for Health and Happiness” fund.

We are driven by people, planet and profits - in that order - and I’m using this medium to specially invite you to join our cause.

You’d love that, right?

Jeremy Sherk, CEO @ Nested Naturals