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It All Started With A Shock…

When our founders Kevin and Jeremy were looking to get stronger and healthier, nutritional supplements were a part of the program. As they dug deeper, they were shocked to discover an industry-wide lack of transparency and dishonesty.

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So We Made These Promises

Know What You’re Getting

You deserve to know everything that goes into your body. Every single ingredient is included on our label … not just the active ingredients. You can count on knowing all of the “other” ingredients that are necessary to create a working supplement that other labels often don’t bother to mention, such as thickening agents, capsule materials and natural flavoring. All of our products are third-party tested and certified before they ship to ensure you’re getting all the good stuff.

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The Best Natural Supplements

If we can’t make it the best, we don’t make it. Nutritional supplements should be pure like mother’s milk: natural, full of good stuff, but nothing extra. Each of our formulas is designed scrupulously and backed by strong, peer-reviewed scientific research from credible sources. All ingredients are the highest quality possible: always non-GMO and preservative-free. Every detail is crafted lovingly for optimal health, wellness and happiness.

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5-Star Customer Experience

Our aim is to go beyond your expectations when it comes to friendliness, responsiveness and efficiency. If you have questions, we’ll freely share what we know to help you make the best choice for yourself. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will do right by you. “Lickety-split” is our middle name. We want every interaction with Nested Naturals to end with smiles, hearts and rainbows.

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And Now Customers Love Us for Supplements Like These

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Our Lovely Customers Say it Best

- Angelica

“This stuff works! Forget the sleeping pills, I can take two of these each night and I am able to fall asleep easily within 30-50 minutes after taking these. I’ve noticed I am able to sleep more soundly and wake up not so groggy anymore. I definitely recommend this product, will be buying again!”

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- Mary

Good Absorption
“Really like this magnesium compound. Does not cause the “oh no” level of bathroom rush as does mag citrate. I feel the glycinate allows a better absorption of magnesium.”

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- Daniel

“After trying two other brands of children sleep aid (melatonin) this Luna Kids is definitely my choice. I have a 7 year old autistic son who has trouble sleeping on a daily basis, but with Luna Kids only one tab is needed an hour before bedtime to softly ease him into sleep. Thanks Luna, you are a lifesaver.”

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- Keith

“This is a phenomenal product. A superior nights sleep is achieved by simply taking these fabulous pills containing all natural ingredients with no negative side effects whatsoever. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.”

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- Silva

“I love the variety of the organic greens in this product - we could never eat so many on a daily basis. I use the powder to make a healthy breakfast smoothie including 1 banana, 1 cup soy milk, 1/2 cup ice water, juice from 1 lemon, a handful almonds, 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 scoop Super Greens. Mix it all in the blender and it tastes yummy.”

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- Mary

Will help your migraines
“Okay, so I have tried MANY different magnesiums for my migraines and I have to say out of all 20 different brands, forms and dosage this works THE BEST.”

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- Angel

“This product has been great! I have been in the process of coming off anxiety meds and these pills really help me to keep calm through it all :)! I would recommend these for anyone who needs kind of a pick me up!”

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- Vanessa

“I love these Biotin pills. I am always on the hunt for good hair, skin, and nail pills. I like how the pills are tiny in comparison to the horse pills that I had just finished taking from another brand. It is so much easier to swallow. I also like how the pills are clear capsules so they are easy to digest and are also free of dyes. It doesn’t have a bad smell or after taste. I like how not only it has 5000 mcg of biotin, which is very hard to find, but also has your daily dose of Vitamin C, E, B6, B12 and Niacin, all in one tiny capsule!!!!! So instead of taking the 2 huge horse pills I was taking, now I only have to take one small capsule.”

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Your Purchase Helps Those in Need

With your order, we’ll donate to Vitamin Angels — our non-profit partner providing life-changing nutrition to children in need.

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Vitamin Angels
Vitamin Angels
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Perspective is everything. Happy Friday, Nested family! 💚 #getnested #qotd

4 TIPS FOR A MORE ECO-FRIENDLY GROCERY HAUL. 1 - Bring your own re-usable bags, or bring back plastic bags you already have. 🎒 2 - Consider which produce doesn’t need a plastic bag. (Does it already have a protective layer like an avocado or banana? It’s fine!)🥑 3 - Collect your coupons on your phone from apps or emails. 📲 4 - Opt for bulk whenever possible to reduce how much extra packaging you’re taking home. 🥜 What are your eco-friendly grocery shopping tips? Leave ’em below! #getnested

Let’s talk fitness. 💪 Grinding through the same regimen year-round may actually increase your risk of injury, boredom, burnout and stagnation. Instead, take inspiration from Mother Nature and follow her seasonal rhythms to help you mix things up! For instance, summer is a high-energy time that’s perfect for group and outdoor activities - like cycling, obstacle courses and as our Brand Manager Andrew knows, hiking. 🌲 In fall, transition to quieter indoor activities that focus on your lungs, like vinyasa yoga and indoor cycling. Turn inward in winter with meditation and reflection through activities like yoga, tai chi and qigong. Once spring returns, stretch your limits by taking on new fitness pursuits (like strength training) which promote growth and change. #teamnested

Surprise! Super Greens is $5 off today on Amazon.com 🌱 Tap the link in our bio to shop! #getnested

Uncovering our weekend mantra. Happy Friday! 😊 #getnested

Stay open — you never know where the zigs and zags of life will take you. 🙌 #getnested #qotd

It’s been a summer of adventures for #TeamNested! 🙌 We’re so proud of the crew that conquered the 47 km long Juan de Fuca Trail.

PSA: Nature-deficit disorder is a real thing! Spending even a few minutes in nature every day can help ward off symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and loneliness. #getnested

Kindra adds MCT Oil Powder to her chocolate peanut butter banana nut smoothie for a delicious blend of healthy fats. 👏 #belikekindra #getnested

We’re pretty sure #1 is “Take Your Vitamins” 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ What’s ONE book you think everyone should read? #getnested

It’s a great day to show up for yourself. 👏 #getnested #qotd

Puppy therapy has some serious benefits! Petting an animal releases endorphins (the same hormones that give runners their runner’s high) that are powerful pain relievers. Research has also shown that adults with dogs take 25% more steps per day than those without dogs, and another found that young adults with a deep bond to their pets felt more connected in their relationships and to their communities than those without pets! 🐕 #teamnested

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