7 Easy Ways to Embrace Earth Day

Dakota Barber · Apr 21 2016
Did you know the very first Earth Day was celebrated 47 years ago?
Earth Day is a time to take a little extra care of the environment, and because the environment is paramount to our well-being, we’re helping you out with some easy ways you can go green from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

6:51am: Shorten your Shower.
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A typical 10 minute shower uses approximately 75–190 litres of water. Yikes! Set a timer and try cutting it down to four or five minutes. Major shower time-suckers like brushing your teeth, organizing your products and general life pondering can be done on dry land.


8:22am: Consciously Commute.
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If your regular morning routine consists of hopping in your truck solo and hitting the open road, consider buddying up with a friend, taking the bus or riding your bike if it’s feasible.


10:14am: Caffeinate with Care.
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Approximately 58 billion paper cups are thrown away every single year. That’s about 20 million trees being cut down to manufacture the cups for your daily java. Today’s simple solution? Bring a reusable mug. Not only can certain brands keep your coffee or tea hotter, longer, but this will also significantly reduce the amount of waste you produce over time.


2:33pm: Get Educated!
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Grab a healthy snack and take fifteen minutes to educate yourself on the realities of climate change and the environmental challenges we’re facing. Here’s an easy and quick run down on what you need to know.


5:18pm: Eat Mindfully.
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The meat industry generates more man-made greenhouse gas emissions than transportation. We know… “woah”. That stat is alarming, but the good news is vegetarianism has come a long way since the squishy tofu terror you might be imagining. There’s no shame in starting small, just try one meatless meal a week! Here’s a few recipes to get your started: quinoa chiliblack bean tacos, and lo mein.


7:49: Entertain sans Electricity.
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While two hours of watching Scandal on your flat screen TV may be tempting, embrace this day and unplug for the night. Environmentally friendly entertainment ideas include having friends over for a clothing swap, spending a few hours at the dog park or volunteering for a city clean-up.


10:02pm: Power Down.
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No seriously, turn everything off (not just sleep mode) and unplug it if possible. According to the Department of Energy, 40% of the electricity used to power the electronics and appliances in our homes is consumed while the products are turned off.

What are your tips for an environmentally friendly day? Comment below and let us know!