Changing Naturally.

Jeremy Sherk · Oct 26 2022

Change is difficult for everyone.

For most of our lives, the world changed slowly. When we were children, computers filled entire rooms. Now you can hold one in the palm of your hand. Cars were big and noisy and polluting. Now they’re sleek and quiet and able to run on renewable energy.

Change is all around us. No matter what we do, nothing stays the same forever. Everything changes all the time, so why is it sometimes so hard for us?

The hardest thing about going through changes is that they happen in different ways for all of us. They might look the same from the outside, people making familiar adjustments like starting a new job, moving to a different city, buying a home, or watching a child grow up. But nobody else lives your change in the same way you do, and we each have to face it on our own terms.

Imagine getting married and having kids, and seeing your children as teenagers or off to college. You ask yourself, am I ready for this? Do I know what happens next?

We all live in the same world of constant change. But it’s up to us how we confront it.

Confront change with joy, not fear

At Nested Naturals, while we were brainstorming about the future direction of our company and the solutions we offer, we asked ourselves: why are we always letting fear and doubt guide our decisions when it comes to the changes life brings? Being afraid of the future and bad things that might happen is no way to plan for living your best life, or how to do good for others.

We decided to bring a new attitude to how we confront change. To approach life with joy, optimism, and a sense of fun. To give you the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle, so that you can charge ahead into life’s constantly shifting landscape with positivity, focus, and togetherness at the center of everything you do.

Instead of avoiding life because things are changing around you too much, too fast, we say step outside your comfort zone and face that change head on. Instead of locking the doors and keeping the world at arm’s length, why not throw a party? Instead of taking a pill, why not change the game and make a healthy mocktail?

If life gives you lemons, make lemon mojitos!

With everything happening in the world today, there’s too much at stake to just close your eyes and pretend it isn’t happening. We can’t afford to be the generation that sticks our heads in the sand, and ignores the monumental and very real changes that our children and grandchildren now face.

We can’t be the generation that sleeps through all this change. It’s time to embrace change and all its uncertainty with joy, positivity, and oneness with our community.

Real change doesn’t happen overnight

Take the journey with us, and start discovering all the changes we have in store. But slowly, step by step, at a pace that’s right for you. Because real change doesn’t happen all at once, and the foundations of long-lasting and beneficial life solutions are built one piece at a time.

Don’t settle for superficial change.

Let’s take the first step together, starting with the very core of good health, the heart, both the physical center of your body, and the source of all joy.

We invite you to discover a new attitude, and a new perspective on change. Let’s mix the drink of life, toast a friend, drink it down, and discover all the changes life has in store for us.

With joy and positivity,
The Nested Naturals Team