Healthy Tips For The Vacation Enthusiast  

Jazmine Bahr · Dec 13 2015

On a day to day basis, most people find it a challenge to maintain healthy lifestyle routines. But when traveling many of these disciplines just fly out the window. Jet lag, sleep deprivation, the temptation to catch a quick bite to eat on the run and the excitement of seeing and experiencing as much as possible throws most of us off our regular routines.

I find the trick to maintaining balance when your life has so much “turbulence” is planning. Careful travel planning is one of the things  most people do, except for health. So plan ahead. Plan your trip, plan your social events, plan your itinerary. And plan to take care of your health when you are away. Make this one of your highest priorities. Your body will thank you.

Let me suggest four areas which will benefit from some careful planning:

1. Immunity

Immunity is a word that is tossed around more often than salad. What does immunity actually mean? By definition it means the ability to resist toxins and infection with help from your white blood cells. Unfortunately, when traveling your body cannot keep up with the exposure to toxins and bacteria that are unfamiliar to you. Pathogens found in the local drinking water coupled with adjustments to a different climate and time zone can leave you in a very vulnerable position. You’re body has to work extra hard to adapt to these new variables.

Give your body a hand by visiting your local supplement store before you leave and asking for these three things:

  • A high potency probiotic as your body will benefit from a healthy gut flora at this time.
  • Liquid Vitamin D drops (unless you’re lucky enough to be traveling to some tropical paradise near the equator).
  • Vitamin B which will help replenish your depleted energy levels.

2. Exercise

Exercise is something that we often neglect while on vacation. One too many cocktails at the airport and on the airplane can often erase the motivation to exercise.

As mentioned earlier, careful planning is so important. Therefore, I urge you to check out Trip Advisor before you leave and familiarize yourself with the local hike clubs and group exercise options which are available in the area you will be visiting. This will not only help cure your hangover it will introduce you to the local people who will greatly enrich your travel experience. Who knows what new life long friendships may develop.

3. Hydrate

When on the go we need to remember to keep ourselves hydrated. When travelling between destinations, the most important substance our bodies need is water. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world the water is not safe to drink.  

When we travel to some countries we are warned not to drink the water and to avoid any produce washed in water. This also means we must be cautious when brushing our teeth.

We can minimize the expense of buying bottled water and the anxiety of letting our guard down by purchasing an inexpensive water purification systems before we leave. Such a systems will ensure your safety when using international water. SteriPEN, First Need, or MS Sweetwater purifier are a must for the avid traveller.

4. Stick To Your Diet

It’s easy to use vacations and travel as an excuse to put your diet on the shelf. As difficult as it is to stay true to your diet, you have it in you. By no means am I saying you shouldn’t take the liberty of indulgence, you earned it. It’s important to eat out and sample the local cuisine. But don’t over indulge.

Your body will thank you for your commitment to eating healthy and nourishing foods throughout your vacation.

Before you leave, take the time to read up on the favorite dishes of the places you will be visiting. Take the time ask the locals their favorite places to eat. Also take the time to visit the local grocer or market. If possible cook some of your own meals, experimenting with local produce and spices. You will be pleasantly surprised by the delicious food and cultural experience you receive!

These tips are difficult to follow as we all know, so you will need to mentally commit yourself to the program.

While all of your friends are recovering from their vacation, you’ll be planning your next one!