How to Get Outside in the Winter

Dakota Barber · Dec 11 2018

When the temperatures drop and the Vancouver clouds roll in, the winter blues can become a real possibility. In an effort to combat this, we sent a few of our team members out for a picnic fuelled by Super Greens and some locally made healthy snacks!

Getting outside during winter months has major benefits for your mind and body. Exercise and sunlight work together to get the blood flowing through our bodies, which provides our organs with much needed nutrients to give us energy.

In case you can’t tell by our faces, eating outdoors is a natural mood booster! Packing a picnic also caters to good nutrition – after all, it’d be pretty strange to pack fried food and greasy takeout into the great outdoors, right?! We filled our backpacks full of fruits, veggies, healthy snacks made by Naked Snacks, and of course – Super Greens.

In need of a stress buster? We can’t recommend a mini-adventure in the beautiful outdoors enough. From breathing in the fresh air to navigating the ever-changing elements, there are endless opportunities to get grateful for the beauty around us and connect with those in your life.

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Will you try a winter picnic? Tag us @nestednaturals and use hashtag #getnested – we’d love to see what’s in your bag!