Top 5 [Natural] Ways to Build Healthy Bones

Jeremy Sherk · Mar 25 2021

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Why should you build healthy bones?

OK so, the following 3 benefits comes top of mind:

  • Your bones protect your internal, delicate organs and also provide support for muscles
  • Strong bones supports you when you engage in activities such as dancing, exercise, and say, playing golf or tennis
  • Healthy bones carry you through busy work days, irrespective of how fagged out your body may be

Thing is, essential minerals are added into your bones during childhood up to early adulthood. So, once you hit 30, you have achieved peak bone mass.

Now, if somehow, you do not achieve enough bone mass within this timeframe or bone loss occurs later in life, then you’re at a higher risk of osteoporosis [a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes little bone, or both.

Not to worry -- it’s nothing a couple of nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits can’t handle.

Following are top 5 natural ways to build healthy bones”:

#1: Eat lots of vegetables 

Right, vegetables are good for your bones.

Why? Well, they’re one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which [hopefully] you already know triggers the production of bone-forming cells.

Research has shown that consuming  a lot of green and yellow vegetables incorporates more minerals into bones during childhood, and maintains bone mass in young adults.


#2: Consume enough proteins

Guess what? About 50% of your bones are made of protein!

Researchers have reported that low protein intake decreases calcium absorption and can impact the rate of bone formation/breakdown.

OK so, since the keyword here is énough protein, keep your protein intake to 100grams max daily, balanced with plenty of plant foods and enough calcium intake as well.

#3: Eat foods high in Magnesium and Zinc

So, calcium isn't the only mineral super important to bone health.

There’s magnesium [which plays an important role in converting vitamin D into the potent form that helps calcium absorption.

Zinc on the other hand promotes the formation of bone-building cells and also prevents the excessive breakdown of bones.

#4: Engage in strength training and weight-bearing exercises

Certain types of exercises can help a great deal in building and maintaining strong bones.

High-impact exercises, for instance, promote the formation of new bones.

Research has shown that strength-training exercise promotes muscle mass, and may also help protect against bone loss in younger and even older women.

#5: Get enough Vitamin D & K 

You probably already know that Vitamin D & K are super important for building stong bones.

Studies have shown that children and adults with low vitamin D levels tend to have lower bone density, putting them at higher risk for bone loss than those who get enough vitamin D.

Vitamin K2 on the other hand supports bone health by modifying osteocalcin, an important protein involved in bone formation.

So guys, that’s it -- but before you go…

Know that bone health is crucial at all stages of life [not just for kids and young adults]. Most people take having strong bones for granted, mostly because symptoms don’t appear until bone loss is at an advanced stage. 

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