What Cures a Hangover – Fast? Top 4 Natural Remedies for a Hangover

Richmond Gbenga · Mar 23 2020

Yeah, partying can be fun. It’s an awesome way to socialize with old friends, meet new people, and wind down after a long week.

But…with parties come hangovers – and that’s anything but cool, right?

So, what is a hangover?

According to medicalnewstoday.com, “A hangover is a collection of signs and symptoms linked to a recent bout of heavy drinking. A person with a hangover typically experiences a headache, feels sick, dizzy, sleepy, confused, and thirsty.”

What causes a hangover?

When you take alcohol, it enters your bloodstream within minutes and is then absorbed in the stomach before it is processed by the liver.

As your body works extra hard to break it down, a toxic substance called acetaldehyde is created. So, the longer it takes for your body to metabolize and clean up this harmful byproduct, the longer you’re hungover.

The severity of a hangover is directly linked to the quantity of alcohol you down before you hit the bed…and also by the quality [some alcohol are purer than others].

While the best cure for hangover is prevention [aka, not drinking alcohol at all,] and the next best is moderation [aka, taking only a few sips,] below are top 4 natural remedies if you ever get caught up in the hangover trap.

#1: Water

Drinking alcohol makes you urinate more, and this can lead to dehydration -- which is the cause of most hangover symptoms. Technically, the amount of water you lose to urination should be matched by the amount of water you take in…but too much alcohol in your system can easily upset that balance.

So, before that night-out with friends, make sure to stay hydrated during the day, and drink enough water before hitting the bed. If you wake up feeling funny, start the day with a glass of water to help you feel better.

 #2: Coconut water

Most people impulsively grab a juice or a can of soda when they’re feeling thirsty. The idea of drinking lots of water to stay hydrated rarely crosses their mind for good reason -- water is tasteless!

And yet, when you’re hungover, you’re most likely dehydrated and need to replenish the electrolytes that were lost from last night’s drinking. One great way to hit three birds with one stone is coconut water. How? Coconut water is sweet, low in sugar, and is also one of the best natural sources of the five electrolytes needed to be in balance.

#3: Ginger

One of the main hangover symptoms is nausea. And studies have shown that ginger can help reduce feelings of nausea. What to do? Take some ginger tea the morning after you have had too much to drink, to help relieve your stomach.

For best results, registered nutritionist Rob Hobson recommends that you add one or two teaspoons of ginger powder, half a lemon, and two teaspoons of honey to a teapot. Fill with boiling water and let it brew for five minutes before serving.

 #4: Sleep

Actually, there’s no substitute for sleep. Partying late into the night can rob you of several hours of shut-eye time, or the alcohol in your system can impair your ability to have a restful sleep. Either way, try and take a quick nap at lunchtime, but…don’t forget to set the alarm!

That’s it, guys!

While abstinence or moderation is the best remedy for hangovers, you can try the above tips for those occasional times when you go overboard.

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