Why It’s Okay To Fall Off The Health Bandwagon… Sometimes

Evgenia Ilienko · Jul 10 2016

If you are like me, you’re taking care of your health and feeding your body with the best possible nutrients. Every day you make conscious decisions about what you will eat that will feed your whole body. Smoothies, superfoods, natural sugars, sustainable proteins, etc. Eating fast food seems unthought of, and when you run out of almond butter, you have a small panic attack.

This is the way our grandparents used to live (minus the almond butter panic attack), until all the low-fat, low-sugar, and low-quality fads started to come in. After that backfired and obesity and health issues heightened, people finally started going back to the basics. More and more people today are trying to cut out the foods they used to love, and are now following the superfood fads.

I have personally tried and tested various “superfoods”, some of which I still love, and others I know don’t work for me personally. Behind closed doors, I still make healthy choices because of how it makes me feel and look all day every day, and will advise everyone to eat as healthy as possible while suggesting alternatives to things they like- Hello, quinoa pasta!

So, if that’s the case, then…

Why are there photos of me from last weekend when I went to visit the city I grew up in with an ice cream cone, a high calorie alcoholic drink, and sunrise as the background?

Because, friends, it’s all about healthy balance.

Happiness is more important than superfoods. Happiness IS a superfood!

Unfortunately we can’t be in a heightened happy mood 24/7, which is why we need to find other ways to feed our bodies- that’s where healthy habits come in. If you have a fight with your significant other, no amount of organic almond butter will make you happy. Your problems at work will not be forgotten after an organic smoothie. That being said, “unhealthy” food shared during happy moments with your friends or significant other will not make you unhealthy or fat overnight!

I’m not going to lie, you still may feel the consequences of those drinks, but your overall
impression of the hangover will be that you had a fantastic time. Then, you can reach for your natural hangover cures like activated charcoal and Super Greens in your smoothie. The happiness high and the new memories will negate the one (or two) days of eating things you wouldn’t usually.

This is not to say that you should frequently have a night on the town at McDonald’s, but if you are on vacation- you should enjoy all those cheeses and croissants in Paris, a ton of gelato in Italy, or souvlaki in Greece. Or, when you see you old friends, have no inhibitions about what you eat or how late you stay out.

In the end, it’s the positive memories you will remember, and your dress size will not be affected by the occasional indulgence.

Once you’re back from your vacation or simply your night out, you can get back to your creamy almond butter and exercise routine. You might also want to stock up on Super Greens for an easy way to consistently get in a wide range of nutrients to help you bounce back quickly!

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