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You purchase Nested Naturals products.



We donate on your behalf to Vitamin Angels. In 2017, we donated $17,500.



Children in need are given life-changing vitamin A and deworming tablets, and pregnant women in need are provided with prenatal vitamins.


Ongoing Support

Vitamin Angels works to serve the same communities year over year to make a lasting and sustainable impact in the lives and health of the children and mothers reached.

151,176 Women and Children Helped

2015 was our first year working with Vitamin Angels. From when we began in June to the end of the year, we were able to help 40,000 women and children in need! In 2016, we helped 41,179 more women and children for a grand total of 81,179. By the end of 2017, we increased that number by 70,000!

That makes us feel really warm and fuzzy on the inside. Thank you for helping make it all possible.

Vitamin Angels Mother and Daughter
Vitamin Angels Mother and Daughter
Vitamin Angels child
Photography © Vitamin Angels

Why Vitamin Angels?


We love how Vitamin Angels aligns with our values like peanut butter and jelly. We both believe the power of nutrition can help change the world and that all people deserve quality nutrition, no matter their background or advantages.

In 2017, Vitamin Angels helped over 61 million mothers and children in 74 countries worldwide, including the US and Canada. Their reach, support, and assistance is truly inspiring and continues to grow each year.

On top of that, they’re a financially responsible and ethical charity with a 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator — so we are confident that our donations are making a big difference.

  • Why Vitamin A?

    Vitamin A plays an extremely important role in a child’s development. It’s something that’s rarely considered in the developed world because so many of our foods are fortified with vitamin A, but in developing countries it’s a real—and even sometimes deadly—threat.

    If this essential nutrient is lacking during a child’s development, especially in the first five years of life, it can lead to more frequent illness, blindness, and even death. While the symptoms are not always visible, vitamin A deficiency puts the health and survival of children at risk every day in countries all over the world.

    But there’s good news. All that’s needed to cure this deficiency is just two doses of highly concentrated vitamin A per year.

  • Why Deworming Treatments?

    Deworming treatments are extremely effective in combatting worm burden (or intestinal parasites) in children. Children who are effected by worms can suffer from fatigue, abdominal pain, swollen bellies, and weakened immune systems.

    With two doses of deworming treatment each year, we can significantly reduce the negative effects of worm burden in children and stop parasites from absorbing the critical nutrients they need to develop.

  • Why Prenatal Vitamins?

    We know the importance of prenatal vitamins to mothers, and we are so glad to contribute to the health and wellbeing of mothers and their new babies through our partnership with Vitamin Angels.

    Poor nutrition during pregnancy can cause complications during childbirth that may endanger the lives of both the mother and their babies. Additionally, babies of poorly nourished moms are more likely to be stillborn, small, or have low birth weights.

    With a solution as simple as prenatal vitamins, we can help a mom’s body to support the healthy growth and development of her baby.

    With these extremely cost-effective programs, the benefits are huge. Simple as that.

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