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Claudine Jackson August 27,2020
I used it before class in place of coffee to try and feel more alert and aware of everything around me. It honestly did a much better than coffee does for me as it made me feel more focused and absorb everything the professor was saying.
Brian Walton August 8,2020
I’ve been taking this supplement everyday with no other dietary and I really feel like it’s given me more focus and clarity throughout the day. I used to fall asleep after 10 pages of reading and I was able to read 50 pages feeling alert.
Nicholas Aldridge July 18, 2021
I have been feeling a lot of brain fatigue at work, and wanted to give this a shot. The first thing I’d like to report is that it tastes GREAT. I honestly despise most flavored supplements, but this one is tasty. I’ve also noticed that my morning brain fog has subsided. This last week I drank one of these every morning in place of my coffee. I feel awake, clear-headed, and ready to take on the day.

Brain Boosting Mocktail Mix

Brain Superfood Tonic

Brain Superfood Tonic

The best, brain-boosting drink mix that nature has to offer with Lion’s Mane mushrooms, Cognizin® Citicoline, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Rhodiola, and a delicious blue raspberry flavor.
  • Nurtures a Healthy Brain
  • Boosts Brain Power
  • Supports Memory and Mental Focus
  • Catalyzes Creativity and Balances Mood

$19.95 USD

Heart Health Mocktail Mix

Our great-tasting drink mixes...

At Nested Naturals, our mission is to empower you to rise to your highest potential naturally through scientifically tested, vegan, planet-friendly products. We address healthy aging by targeting the root causes of a maturing body and mind -- at the heart and brain level with organic superfoods and natural herbs designed to supplement your healthy lifestyle. Let’s mix the drink of life, toast a friend, drink it down, and discover all the changes life has in store for us.

Every day is different, so we created a product that fits into your lifestyle. You can simply add it to water daily or party healthy with mocktails on special occasions. Best of all, it tastes great!