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Provides 100% of Daily Value of Choline for Optimal Memory, Cognitive Function and Anti-Aging Protections

Vegan, non-GMO Choline L+ Bitartrate for maximum bioavailability

Choline is a rising star nutrient that is related to the B-vitamin family. First discovered in 1862, during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln and the first run of the hipster beard, it wasn’t classified as an essential nutrient until very recently.1 Choline is that barely remembered kid from elementary school who wins a Nobel Prize while you are sipping margaritas by the pool in your retirement village. You can’t help but wonder what other genius you have missed.

Speaking of genius, we like to think of Choline as the smarty pants nutrient. It’s necessary to keep your brain firing on all cylinders.2 Studies 3,4 suggest that supplementation may improve memory, focus and mental clarity. It’s been shown to be so beneficial for fetal brain development and cell building that doctors routinely prescribe it to expecting moms.5 Choline also has promising anti-aging properties.6 Not only does it help keep memory and cognition sharp, but it also helps protect your cell structures and DNA.7

Nested Naturals Choline is made from 550 mg of pure L+ bitartrate, a natural byproduct of wine. Entirely vegan, food-based and non-GMO, it’s formulated to provide the FDA’s recommended daily intake for adults. Expecting mothers can take it in conjunction with our Prenatal Multivitamin.

Brain Booster Super Nutrient for Babies-to-Be and Grown-Ups

Prenatal Brain Development

Choline plays a critical role in development of the brain, cell structures and nerve channels.1 Studies5,8,9 show that a mother’s choline supplementation during pregnancy can lower the risk of brain abnormalities and sharpen cognitive function during childhood and beyond.

Anti-Aging Protections

Choline helps protect cell structures and DNA from damage.7 It also helps the body with methylation, a vital metabolic process that occurs in every cell in the body. Poor methylation is a risk factor for diseases associated with aging, including cardiovascular disease and dementia.11,12

Lifelong Memory Support

The brain needs choline to build memory-forming synapses. Studies3,4,6show that choline supplementation may assist in improving and preserving memory function by strengthening the part of the brain involved in learning, logical thinking and concentration abilities.

Cardiovascular and liver health

Fat and cholesterol don’t dissolve in blood; choline prevents buildup by moving these molecules smoothly through blood vessels and the liver.1,13

Improved Neuroplasticity

Choline helps build new neuron connections, which is what helps the brain to rewire itself when there is cell damage due to aging or injury.10

Faster, stronger muscles

Choline supports communication between the brain and muscles. When neurons fire efficiently during strenuous exercise, muscles work faster, stronger and with less fatigue.14

The Active Ingredients Inside Choline

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Vegan Capsules Servings Per Container: 90
Amount per Serving %DV
(as choline bitartrate)
550 mg 100%

Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Plant Cellulose

This product contains no wheat, gluten, GMO, soy, dairy, egg, fish, nuts, corn, yeast, barley, sugar, or preservatives. Proudly vegan, third-party tested, and manufactured in a NSF certified cGMP facility in the USA using worldwide ingredients.

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat. Do not use if safety seal is broken.

VitaCholine® is a registered trademark of Balchem Corporation or its subsidiaries. It is derived from the skin of grapes and made in Italy using only natural L(+) Tartaric Acid to ensure safety and quality. Kosher and Halal. Non-GMO.

Natural, Non-GMO & Food-Based

We are relentless about sourcing the best, most natural, most ethically produced ingredients available. Our choline is attached to L+ Bitartrate, a natural byproduct of wine. It’s easier for the body to use than synthetically produced choline supplements.

Cruelty-free and Vegan

We’ve made a conscious choice to make our Choline 100% vegan. We’re proud to make our capsules from vegetables rather than gelatin produced from animal bones and marrow.

Got allergies? We’ve got you covered

Nested Naturals Choline is dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, corn-free and certified gluten-free. It contains no barley, yeast, sugar or preservatives.

Tested and True

Nested Naturals Choline is third-party tested and certified before it ships to ensure you’re getting all the good stuff.

Your Questions, Our Answers

See the most popular questions asked about Choline.

How many capsules of Nested Naturals Choline should I take per day and with food or on an empty stomach?

We suggest taking two capsules each day and since Choline is water soluble, you can take it anytime.

I’m pregnant. Can I take Nested Naturals Choline along with Nested Naturals Prenatal Multivitamin?

Yes! These products are designed to work together. We include only a small amount of Choline in our Prenatal Multivitamin: 55 mg. This is about 10% of the FDA’s recommended daily intake (RDI) for pregnant women. Nested Naturals Choline gives you 100% of the RDI: 550 mg.

The combined dosage is 605 mg, a safe daily intake; choline has been shown to be tolerable at 3500 mg per day.

As a water soluble vitamin, there are no worries about Choline intake creating toxicity. Excess amounts of the vitamin don’t stick around in the body; they flow out through urine.

Can my child take this?

No, this supplement is designed for adults. Although it meets the recommended daily intake for children four years and older, our capsule is meant to be swallowed and can be a choking hazard for small children.

Why are there “Other ingredients” listed on the Nested Naturals Choline label?

We believe that you deserve to know everything that goes into your body. That’s why we include every single ingredient on our label … not just the active ingredients. We are transparent about the “other” ingredients that are necessary to create a working supplement that other labels often don’t bother to mention, such as thickening agents, capsule materials and natural flavoring. These amounts of these ingredients are so tiny that most supplement makers don’t bother listing them.

What is rice flour doing in Nested Naturals Choline?

Rice flour helps flow the supplement ingredients into the capsule. Miniscule amounts are used during the manufacturing process. You’ll find it listed under “Other Ingredients” on our label because we believe that you deserve to know everything that goes into our supplements and your body.

What is plant cellulose and what is it doing in Nested Naturals Choline?

We use plant cellulose to make our capsules. We’re proud to say that our capsules are vegan and don’t include any animal parts.

What is Choline exactly? Is it a B-vitamin?

There is some disagreement about exactly how to classify Choline. Some scientists consider it to be in the family of B-vitamins. Others classify it as “vitamin-like.”

Choline is an essential nutrient—meaning that it is necessary for our body to function properly but we cannot produce enough of it. We need to consume it in our diet.15

Customer Reviews

Discover what real customers say about Choline.

Catherine O
I haven't been taking the Choline for very long but it seems to be going very well! It seems to agree with me with no side effects or after taste or anything negative. So all should be well! :-) I love this company and their exemplary and outstanding customer service AND how they're all about natural ingredients and third party testing in a GMP facility. Thank you!!
I live in Australia and was really impressed with the service. Freight was reasonable as well. I searched the internet for a product that did not have a soy source and was pleasantly surprised. The choline is great and I have no reaction. It lives up to its claims. I will certainly get it again as I am a vegan and most choline is from animal sources. Keep up the great work. I have subscribed to your newsletter for product updates.
Suzanne S
I prefer to take supplements with branded ingredients because I know that they are going to be high quality with science behind them. I wanted a product with VitaCholine specifically, and was happy to find Nested Naturals. I'll definitely be ordering other products.
Susan J
This was highly recommended by a research librarian at the Cleveland Clinic.
Roni S
Maureen S
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The science behind all of our claims

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