Tablets and Capsules and Powders! Oh my!

Jazmine Bahr · Dec 18 2015

There is a lot of controversy these days on what is the best form of supplement delivery. Should we be taking tablets, capsules, liquids or powders? The truth is that it’s going to be a different answer for each person, depending on his or her individual needs and preferences. Like most things in life supplements are not a one size fits all. So let me break it down so you can better choose the delivery system best suited to you.

A popular topic of discussion is tablets vs capsules. Many argue that tablets do not properly breakdown in your system. As a result, the tablet can pass through your system without being fully absorbed into your body. True, this lowered absorption may affect some people whose digestive system has been compromised or weakened, such as the elderly, or those with gastrointestinal issues. On the other hand, if your digestive system is functioning properly your body should easily break down the tablet on it’s own. High quality tablets also contain cellulose beadlets that expand with water to help break down the tablet. On the whole, tablets are more cost effective. So if your digestive system isn’t compromised this may well be the best option for you.

Capsules have become an increasingly popular method of delivery in the supplement industry. They boast of ease of ingestion, ease of digestion, and enhanced absorption. Their gelatin caps ensure you are getting the benefits of all the nutrients, as they are designed to break down in less than 4 minutes. The hard gelatin capsule also offers a defense barrier against exposure to the air. This guarantees that your supplement stays fresh and maintains its high potency levels. If you know that you have digestive issues I would recommend this form of delivery.

Many people have difficulty swallowing pills so a liquid supplement may be a good alternative. Although liquid supplements are often more costly, they are easily digested and absorbed. When taking a liquid supplement it’s important that you shake the bottle well before use. Otherwise, vitamin sediment may settle at the bottom of the jar and interfere with the recommended dosage. One word of caution! When buying a liquid supplement be aware that they are often heavily flavored and colored to counteract the unappealing taste of the vitamins.  Read the labels carefully so you know what you are ingesting.

Similarly, supplement powders are often heavily flavored and colored. So once again you need to read the labels carefully. Powders are excellent for rapid absorption. They are also cost effective and allow for a more individualized flexible dose. Powders are perfect for the avid smoothie maker, or for the busy mom who wants to hide it in her children’s yogurt. On the negative side, powdered supplements can often be inconvenient, as you need something to mix them in. Transporting them can also be a hassle because of their bulk.

You may want to try all of the above options of supplement delivery before deciding what method is best for you.

Generally speaking, each method has its pros and cons. No one is better than the other. It really boils done to the individual. All methods are beneficial and a great addition to a healthy diet.

These three factors may influence your decision: the cost, your health, and your personal preference.

In the long run, the most important decision you have to make isn’t necessarily about delivery, but rather the vitamin company you chose to service your supplement needs. These trusted companies strive to bring you the highest quality in whatever form you choose. Do your research. Not all supplement companies are created equal.