The Value of Unplugging

Scott Fullerton · Oct 04 2019

At Nested Naturals, we believe staying healthy and happy is something everyone desires (and deserves). But, while working extra hard every day to make both ends meet, life gets so busy, and sometimes we lose a piece of ourselves in the chaos, no?

Well…unplugging is one way to get back to being healthy and happy.

Thing is in today’s tech-driven world, it’s easy to stay ‘plugged in’ as we stay glued to our smartphones, collaborate with teams around the globe, and watch our favorite TV shows. Hence, everywhere we turn, we’re connected to screens of different shapes and sizes, leading to fatigue or burnout, if unchecked.

Although, technology makes our lives easier and better, we must (consciously) spend some time away from it to live a healthier, happier and balanced life.

So, below are quick 5, hard-to-ignore benefits of unplugging:

  1. It relieves stress
  2. It helps you bond better with friends and family
  3. You sleep better
  4. It sharpens your interpersonal skills
  5. It improves your overall quality of life

Now that you know some super-cool benefits that come with unplugging, are you wondering…

What to do with your ‘tech-free’ time?  

Well, last week, we followed our own advice: #TeamNested took some time off completing tasks and chasing milestones to visit and volunteer at the Happy Herd farm sanctuary.

Why? We heard all about the amazing stuff the Happy Herd team were doing to rescue abused and at-risk farm animals and thought to go there and help out.

The Happy Herd is a farm animal sanctuary for animals either abused or at risk.

To hear it straight from the horse’s mouth…

“The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary provides a forever home for all types of animals. They will live out their entire lives in a beautiful natural setting treated with kindness and respect. On 4 wonderful acres, you can find the many animals we have rescued roaming freely. We have several goats, chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, hens, ducks, cats, a couple of dogs, and a wonderful friendly donkey! Each with their own identity and personality, you can find out more by clicking here to learn their stories.”

The Happy Herd vision aligns well with our values like peanut butter and jelly!

How? “It’s important to us to be kind to the animals and planet by choosing only vegan sources for our products. If we can’t make it vegan, we don’t make it. Period” – says Jeremy, our CEO.

Turns out we got way more than we bargained for on this visit as we discovered things about the animals (and ourselves) that would not have been revealed any other way.

Want to know what #TeamNested found? Keep reading…

“The pigs are so friendly and chill. When I went into their pen, loved how they hobbled over to me and flopped over for a belly rub” – says CEO Jeremy.

“The pigs were so similar to dogs in that they were intelligent enough to sit, lay down, and get belly rubs for food” – says Fiona.

“The pygmy goats just seemed so happy jumping around, playing and running. And they are so cute!” – says Lee.

“The goats were so hilarious…where do goats even come from?” – Andrew.


“I loved Mo the most. He was confident, yet not cocky. He knows he’s the most handsome turkey ever but he’s not in your face about it” – says Kaitlyn.


It was great team building painting our mural. We were missing our “top painters/creatives” in the group but still managed to make something great…agree?

Overall, it was no doubt a wonderful experience as team members got the chance to volunteer, do something refreshingly off-routine, and touch base with nature.


In fact, here’s what some of us had to say…

As to what this trip means to them:

Fiona says,

“Means the world. I’m always looking for ways to help the community/give back, but it’s hard to find something that’s a good fit and that you can commit to. This was a great opportunity to connect with nature and give back.”

Jeremy says,

“I think it’s so important to break away from our urban lifestyles and spend some time on a farm. It refreshes body, mind, and soul.”

Scott says,

“This trip reminded me of my years as a summer camp counsellor. Life was slower and less connected via technology. There is an honesty and trueness to helping animals…it reminds you as to what is important in life – relationships.”

There you have it!

Does this inspire you in any way to unplug, connect with nature, and give back? Tag us @nestednaturals and use hashtag #getnested – we’d love to hear your ‘unplug/giveback’ story!