4 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

Jazmine Bahr · Jan 13 2016

It isn’t a secret that one of the most frequently asked questions in health is: “How do I lose weight?”

There are many resources that market: the latest fad diet, guaranteed weight loss pills, and every imaginable quick fix under the sun.

I would suggest that your journey back to health not be a quick fix. You didn’t suddenly become unhealthy, so its unlikely that the road back to health will be instantaneous.

When you begin this journey back towards optimum health and nutrition, its important to take an honest inventory of your lifestyle and educate yourself as to how you got out of touch with your health in the first place. Sit down and develop a plan, which will help you get back on track. This plan needs to be manageable and enjoyable otherwise you won’t stick with it. By focusing less on the scale and more on building a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle, you will maximize you chance of success.

Let me offer some tips that may help you achieve your goals:

1) Add In Healthy Foods, Instead Of Removing Them

In the beginning of your journey you may find it difficult to wrap your mind around giving up all ‘bad’ foods at once. This usually doesn’t work for most people, unless they have incredible self-discipline. It is much easier to begin by adding healthy foods into your diet and slowly removing others over time. Gradually, you will notice increased energy levels with the addition of nutrient dense foods. Your body will recognize this and your body will develop a craving for these healthier foods. By doing this you also save yourself from feeling deprived by giving up all junk food cold turkey. Thus, reducing your risk of going on a junk food binge and falling off the wagon permanently.

2) Coconut Oil Before Meals

Taking a tablespoon of coconut oil before staple meals has many benefits due to its medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs). MCT oils help you feel satiated for longer periods of time. MCT oils also boost your metabolism which will help burn extra calories. Ingesting coconut oil has many other incredible benefits which include: the  regulation of your thyroid gland (often tied to difficulty losing weight), the control and reduction of cellulite, and antimicrobial properties to help with detoxification. I could go on and on, reciting the many benefits of coconut oil but let me instead refer you to the link below.

3) Don’t Eliminate Fat From Your Diet (Fat doesn’t make you fat.)

This is one of the most common misconceptions to which consumers have fallen victim due to aggressive marketing. Daily, we are bombarded with the benefits of low-fat, no-fat products. One of the things to be aware of is that many of these low fat products depend on the addition of sugar as a substitute for the flavor that is lost when fat is removed. Sugar cause blood sugar imbalances that contribute to the storage of fat and weight gain. If we focus on eating healthy fats, such as coconut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds these can actually aid in general weight loss, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

4) Building Exercise Into Your Daily Life

When we study some of the healthiest societies around the world, we discover that people aren’t necessarily running to the gym everyday. Rather, they have found ways to incorporate exercise into the rhythm of their lives. Be it mixing and grinding foods, walking to local the market, taking the stairs, bicycling and doing physical labor these people stay healthy and in shape naturally.  By no means am I saying you shouldn’t go to the gym, or hit your local yoga class. These are both fantastic ways to lead a healthy lifestyle! What I am saying is that by incorporating simple exercises into your daily routines you are giving yourselves a head start.

While this article is about healthy ways to lose weight and get in shape, I want to remind everyone that there is no ideal body weight or shape. As you regulate your lifestyle and patterns your body will let you know where it feels comfortable. We are all beautiful – so remember that and treat yourself as so!

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