A Super-Mom’s Secret Weapon

Dakota Barber · Jul 05 2016

Being a mom to two small boys, Sara S. decided to try Super Greens after she found herself needing a little help in the energy department.

“I use Super Greens and I enjoy how my body feels every day,” she explains. “I feel more energy, my nails are stronger and my hair seems shinier!”

The energy boost from her daily cup of greens containing 26 organic ingredients like echinacea, acerola berry powder and dulse allows Sara to get more done in her life.

“I feel good because my body is getting the greens it needs that I don’t get from my diet,” she explains. “It’s challenging finding foods that I want to eat… Usually I crave something and it isn’t green.”

Sara isn’t alone in her cravings for unhealthy food. According to Dr. Hyman, new research is proving that highly processed, sugary, fatty, and salty junk food is biologically addictive.

Adding a daily dose of potent superfoods can help restore balance in your body and lessen the cravings over time.

Sara loves the convenience of being able to add one scoop into any beverage, and occasionally experiments with adding protein powder in as well to get two benefits in one morning drink.

“I noticed a big difference in my life- mostly less cravings for sugar and salt after taking it for a few days,” says Sara. “Your body is asking to have this!”

Curious about how Super Greens could improve your life? Check it out here!