Healthy Fats During Pregnancy

Meghan Trompetter · Aug 18 2016

Healthy fats galore! Pregnancy and nursing are not times to skimp on healthy fats, and that’s why we created Prenatal DHA to accompany your prenatal multivitamin. High quality fats are absolutely vital for baby’s brain development, organ and tissue growth and good milk production for mom. Omega 3’s, like DHA, are essential fatty acids, meaning they need to be obtained through diet or supplements. Fetal development depends on mothers health, which is why it is crucial to obtain the recommended amount of DHA before, during and even after pregnancy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.41.38 PMDHA (Docosahexaenoic acid):

A type of omega-3 fatty acid found primarily in fish, DHA is important for a variety of health functions, especially pregnancy. DHA offers extreme health benefits to promote healthy fetal development. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the average woman only eats 2 ounces of the recommended 8-12 ounces of fish per week during pregnancy. This is why we created our top quality prenatal DHA supplement for healthy moms, without the fishy taste! Additionally, the fatty acid ensures proper brain development and promotes better attention and learning habits later in life. DHA is also responsible for healthy eyes, nervous system development and proper immune function.

Fishing for Benefits:

Science keeps discovering breakthrough research in fish oil and its benefits during pregnancy. A recent study shows that fish oil supplementation during pregnancy decreases the risk of a newborn developing eczema. In a study of 700 pregnancy women, those who took fish oil supplements had a decreased incidence of infant eczema by three times! When DHA and EPA enter the cell membrane, they suppress inflammation that could potentially lead to various allergies and skin reactions that develop in early childhood. Even after birth, fish oil supplementation can improve the early development of a newborns brain, visual system, and motor function through breastfeeding.

Think of fat for the brain as calcium for the bones… it is vital. It is the fattest organ in the body consisting of at least 60 percent fat! It is a pretty important organ that often gets looked at like it can take care of itself. This is why we educate our community so we can pass down generations of healthy organs, healthy lifestyles and healthy advice.