Help Kids Sleep, Naturally

Meghan Trompetter · Apr 24 2017

Let the bedtime battles dissipate gently like the sun setting across the open ocean. Calm bedtime stories do exist with the help of LUNA Kids natural sleep aid for children. Designed with a unique blend of natural and herbal ingredients, this supplement is gentle and safe for kids while still being effective. Having a good sleep is not only important for adults, but extremely important for a child’s health. We’re talking about brain development- some scientists claim that the brain sorts through and stores information, replaces crucial chemicals and solves problems while you snooze. One more awesome reason to get enough sleep? Build your kids immune system and fight the never-ending germs found almost everywhere a kid goes!

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 works with immunologic cells in the body sending the immune system into full force tackling whatever may be found on jungle gym. Those with a suitable level of Vitamin D in their diet and those who supplement are much better equipped to fight off colds and flu.

Lemon Balm

The herb’s properties are gentle remedies that play such a powerful role in the body its no wonder lemon balm is taking over the botanical world. Several studies have used Lemon balm/Valerian combinations to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia. These studies have shown improved sleep patters and reduced stress/anxiety. (Kennedy DO, Little W, Haskell CF, Scholey AB. Anxiolytic effects of a combination of Melissa officinalis and Valeriana officinalis during laboratory induced stress. Phytother Res. 2006;20(2):96-102.)


An age-old medicinal herb known in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, chamomile has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for numerous medical complaints. To name a few; asthma, colic, fevers, nervous complaints and skin diseases. On-going research has identified chamomiles specific anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, muscle relaxant and sedative properties, validating its long-held reputation.


Melatonin is a natural hormone made by your body’s pineal gland. When the sun goes down and darkness occurs, the pineal is “turned on” to produce melatonin, which is the released into the blood. Once this occurs and melatonin levels start to rise in the blood, your body becomes less alert and sleep becomes more inviting.

Nested Naturals products are carefully researched, selected and formulated to create safe and effective products, made proudly with love. Specifically in our LUNA Kids formula; we use low dosages for the little ones and recommend dosages that cater to height/weight. Additionally, to calm parents’ minds, LUNA kids non-habit forming, meaning your child will have no trouble sleeping without it. A sleeping child just doesn’t benefit them but also the parents – create better sleeping patterns for the whole family so more time can be spent learning and playing, together.

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