Preparations For The Best Sleep of Your Life

Jeremy Sherk · Oct 22 2020

The benefits of good sleep are many. Good sleep can improve concentration, cognition, and performance. It can reduce stress. It can help alleviate depression. Sleep improves your immune function. It can help reduce inflammation. It can repair and regenerate cells and tissues Good sleep can improve your memory. It can also help with heart health. The quote the Ayurvedic thought on sleep, "it is the nursemaid to humanity."

Sleep is such an important part of our lives and our health. Yet it sometimes seems to be the most elusive.

Reasons for insomnia may vary but the way to a night of restful sleep is fairly simple. It sounds too good to be true but it isn't. All it takes is a lifestyle change and that isn't always easy. Luckily with a simple plan and some help, you should be having the best sleep of your life.

Deepak Chopra, doctor and health guru, outlines some effective guidelines to follow so that you can easily fall asleep. It starts with preparation combined with herbal support and practice.

There are three preparations that you should do for good sleep.

Prepare The Mind

Quieting the mind is essential for sleep. Make a habit of "turning off" at least an hour before your regular bedtime. This includes not watching TV. Don't do anything on the computer. Put down the phone.

It is also helpful to journal for a few minutes before sleeping. Journaling is easy, simply write down the thoughts in your head. It is helpful to finish by listing three things that happened in the day that you are grateful for.

Prepare The Body

Like a quiet mind, a quiet body is important for sleep. You can do things such as not eating heavy meals in the evening and not drinking caffeine or alcohol in the evening. Taking a warm bath or some gentle massage will also get your body ready to sleep. If you have a yoga practice, Child's Pose and Cat-Cow can prepare you for sleep.

Prepare The Spirit

Meditation is proven to release stress so that you can fall asleep easier. Here is a simple meditation. Sit in a quiet place with your eyes closed. Express gratitude for yourself, such as for your health or talents. Then express your gratitude for those you love. Finally, express gratitude for things in the world that are important to you.

Herbal Support

Herbs are often thought of as a way in and of themselves to promote healthy sleep, and they can help. However, herbs as part of an evening ritual that leads you to slumber are more beneficial. Additionally, herbs can be a good way to help reset your sleep routine. A supplement such as Nested NaturalsĀ LUNA which includes melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, and an amino acid found in green tea, can combine with your preparations to ease you into sleep.


As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day." Neither is your new sleep routine. The first time you try this sleep plan, it may seem awkward. That is ok. Rarely does a change feel "right" the first time you do it.

Sometimes it helps to make a change step by step. For one week simply prepare your mind for sleep or do it until it becomes natural. Then add the next step, preparing the body. Finally, add the ritual for preparing the spirit.

Herbal support, likeĀ LUNA, can be incorporated from the beginning. It can give you that little bit of help that empowers you to stay with your new lifestyle change.

Try implementing this plan and see if your sleep doesn't improve. When you have healthy rest - you are able to sleep, wake, and thrive!