Sleeplessness in Children

Dakota Barber · Jun 16 2016

Having a child who doesn’t sleep well, or sometimes at all, can make each day tough. But when it’s your fourth child, the whole family feels it!

The Houldcrofts!

Elizabeth with her 5 children

“My husband and I kept hoping each baby milestone would result in better sleep habits,” says Elizabeth H. “When she wasn’t teething, when I was done nursing, when she started walking… but at 3 years old, I could still count on one hand the number of times she slept through the night.”

Elizabeth and her husband tried soothing their daughter to sleep using books, music, lotions, essential oils, and even asked their paediatrician for help to no avail. The lack of sleep was weighing on her daughter.

“She would have mood swings and tantrums that came on when she was tired and it was sad to know that the lack of sleep was causing it,” remembers Elizabeth. “It was difficult to keep her happy which is so difficult for a parent to accept.”

Finally, Elizabeth discovered LUNA Kids and decided to give it a try.

“LUNA Kids allows her to relax, participate in a normal bedtime routine, and fall asleep naturally,” says Elizabeth. “At 3.5 years old, she has better days and we all have better nights.”

Aside from her daughter getting the sleep she desperately needs, both Elizabeth and her husband are now able to have quality time with their other children and each other in the evenings!

“Being up with my newborn at night became less stressful and the mornings are more peaceful,” says Elizabeth. “Chaos within a big family is a guarantee, but having no control over our daughters sleep created so many obstacles.”

Bedtime with a family of five children is naturally a challenge, but Elizabeth views it as a positive experience now.

“My oldest is 9 and my youngest is 1 but they all go to bed with an hour of each other,” says Elizabeth. “We try to stick to a routine but as long as teeth are brushed, we just do what we can.”

Does your child struggle with sleeplessness? Learn more about LUNA Kids!