Top 5 [Not-so-fun] Facts About Stress

Richmond Gbenga · Sep 23 2020

Quick facts: Around 75% – 90% of doctor visits in the United States are stress-related. 14% of US employees have wanted to resort to physical violence in the workplace due to stress. Women are more likely to report dealing with stress, compared to their male counterparts [28% and 20% respectively]. Roughly 60% of adults drink alcoholic beverages in a bid to escape stressful life events. People who are under constant stress are 20% more likely to have heart disease. 

Stress is the body’s natural reaction to change, that typically requires a certain adjustment or response.

Thing is, everyone experiences stress at one point or the other…

And while there’s good and bad stress -- as well as stress triggered by external factors such as environmental or physical situations; or internal stressors like an underlying illness -- stress, if not well managed, can impact your life significantly.

So, now that you know what stress is and how it can impact your health and happiness, below are top 5 [not-so-fun] facts about stress to keep in mind:

Fact #1: Around 75%–90% of doctor visits in the United States are stress-related

Actually, stress is the number one reason people schedule a meeting with their doctors. 

The working class are most affected, having to deal daily with stress-related conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc.

Fact #2: About 13.5 million workdays in Europe are lost yearly due to stress complaints

Yes, stress is one of the greatest ‘stealers’ of productive time.

According to research done in the UK, around 13.5m workdays are lost every year to stress-related complaints and breaks. Imagine that for a second.

Workers undergo stress and sometimes breakdown when they’re constantly in fear of being fired, when they have to deliver so much in so little time, and when they’re not sure how superiors would judge their work.

Fact #3: About 13% of children will develop an anxiety disorder due to stress

Surprised? Yeah, most people assume stress is an adult-only concern. 

But, it turns out that 13% of children have to deal with anxiety disorder -- no thanks to stress.

Fact #4: People who are under constant stress are 20% more likely to have heart disease

Heart disease ranks high as one of the most common killers worldwide.

Researchers have linked heart disease to stress, with recent data showing that people who are under constant stress are 20% prone to developing heart disease [and in extreme cases, stroke].

And it all makes sense…

Stress hormones [like cortisol] produced during periods of stress -- often increases heart rate to the point where it constricts the blood vessels. And these can in turn, significantly overwork and damage the heart, leading to all sorts of heart issues.

Fact #5: Individuals under constant stress have a 50% higher mortality rate

Stress kills and now there’s evidence from recent research to back it up.

According to a journal of aging research, people who are constantly stressed [whether moderate or high] are 50% more likely to die compared to those who don’t.

Alright people, it’s a wrap -- but before you go…

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