Why Your Body Needs Magnesium

Meghan Trompetter · Jan 19 2017

Straight up: Magnesium is amazing. It helps to calm nerves, relaxes the body to help you sleep, keeps your bones strong, enhances your metabolism and so much more. There is however something that sets Nested Naturals magnesium supplement apart from the rest; it contains the amino acid glycine – which means the magnesium has been chemically bound to a glycine molecule.

All magnesium supplements are a combination of magnesium with another substance such as a salt. Every salt provides different amounts of elemental magnesium. The amount of magnesium and its bioavailability (the proportion of substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect) alter the effectiveness of the supplement. With Nested Naturals Magnesium Glycinate, you get the best quantity of elemental magnesium and bioavailability ratio.

As one of the six essential macro-minerals that comprise 99% of the body’s mineral content, magnesium helps build bones, enables nerves to function and it is essential to the production of energy from food. Many find boosting their magnesium intake can help with headaches, chronic pain, asthma and sleep disorders.

Magnesium and Preventative Health

Nested Naturals is here for multiple reasons and a major one being preventative care. If we set up our bodies now for success, we reduce the chances of living with illness and disease. Without the presence of magnesium in the body, energy could not be produced or used in the cells and key hormones could not be synthesized to help control vital bodily functions. In saying that, it is not surprising the role that magnesium has been shown to play in the prevention of common diseases and conditions. According to the National Institutes of Health,

“Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis.”

Up to 50% of Americans are deficient and may not even know it. Nested Naturals Magnesium Glycinate is the most beneficial, pure, and absorbable form of magnesium and can help address magnesium deficiency in your diet.