Nested Naturals and TriSwimCoach

Jeremy Sherk · Mar 16 2020

Thank you for listening to Lee Bougie on the TriSwimCoach podcast talking about sleep!

If you're an athlete you've probably had issues sleeping at some point in your training. It could be anxiety about an upcoming competition, jetlag, or from the stress on your body that comes from overtraining.

Sleep plays an important role in hormone production, including testosterone and growth hormone. Sleep also helps with stronger immunity, memory and brain health, and repair of our cells. Less sleep disrupts your hunger signals, causing changes such as increased ghrelin, which makes us hungry, and brain changes that make good food choices more challenging.

Pro Tip:  Improve your sleep by keeping your sleep schedule consistent, this means waking up at the same time every morning. 

It's also a good idea to keep track of the amount of the caffeine and sugar in energy drinks and supplements as these can be a major cause of disrupted sleep.

Supplements to help you sleep:

  • Magnesium. Used traditionally to relax your muscles.
  • LUNA. Gentle sleep aid with a blend of melatonin and herbs.
  • LUNA Melatonin-Free.  Natural sleep aid for those people who are melatonin sensitive.
  • Vitamin D3/K2. While this won't help you fall asleep, vitamin D deficiency is linked to poor sleep.
  • B-Complex. Helps with energy in the morning, and supports melatonin production at night.
  • Herbal Lift. Supports your energy levels through stressful times and helps bring you back into balance.

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