Deepak Chopra's Simple Advice for Achieving Restful Sleep

Jeremy Sherk · Oct 16 2020

Making the most of life requires sufficient rest. We must release stress and stay well in order to reach our goals and live our dreams. Good sleep is even more important during trying times like these. Yet so many of us struggle with going to bed on time in the first place, falling asleep or staying asleep through the night. Who better than Deepak Chopra to remind of us of the simple steps to achieving restful sleep? This respected sage when it comes to mental and physical wellness offers suggestions traditional and practical, innovative and spiritual, in his book entitled, Restful Sleep: The complete mind/body program for overcoming insomnia.

An Ancient Mystery

Why do we need to sleep? That question has been debated for many centuries. Deepak Chopra mentions that Aristotle thought it necessary for digestion. Today's common knowledge tells us it's bad to fall asleep right after eating. We still explore the many reasons sleep is a necessary part of our lives. From the mental/emotional effect of dreams, believed to "cleanse stress and tension from the nervous system", to "allowing the body to recover from fatigue and stress" and maintain homeostasis.

Of Quantum Mechanics and Circadian Rhythms

The science that studies the laws followed by the infinitesimally tiny particles of which we are all made is a story most fascinating to scientists. But you don't have to be a quantum physicist to understand that many aspects of life work best when regular patterns are followed.

Most of our lives aren't very regular these days. But striving to do what we can to regulate certain sectors of our lives, sleep, in particular, can benefit us in a myriad of ways.

Our body's cells and our subconscious mind react naturally to seasonal patterns. Spring makes us think of love. Autumn triggers us to prepare for the cold. In earlier days, as Chopra says, before the nighttime was brightened by electric light bulbs, work was accomplished almost exclusively during daylight hours. As soon as the sun set, most people were in bed.

We are still conditioned to sleep when it's dark, rise when the sun does, whether we realize it or not. Many of us force ourselves to stay awake for entertainment or to accomplish tasks long after dark. It's no wonder we suffer sleep problems. It would be so much better if we retired earlier, as our bodies are believed to achieve greater benefits from sleep during the earlier hours of the night.

That's impossible for those of us forced to work during evening hours; some even throughout the night. But by creating a dark and cozy nest using room-darkening blinds, and following other recommendations from Deepak Chopra's Restful Sleep, guidelines, a better quality of sleep can be achieved even during the day.

Achieving Good Sleep is Essential

Modern life makes it difficult for many of us to follow the sleep routine that would be healthiest. But today's lifestyle also requires that we receive as much quality rest as possible in order to face ever-changing challenges. If we fail to do so, mental and physical wellness suffer. Job performance slumps, traffic accidents can result. We may end up sick or turn to prescription drugs, risking serious side effects.

Some of us lack sleep because we must force ourselves to stay up to complete work or because we wish to make time for pleasurable pursuits. Others simply have difficulty falling asleep.

Deepak Chopra Offers Simple, Effective Tips for Insomniacs:

Basically: Rest More, Worry Less

The wisdom of Chopra offers the following (paraphrased) points of advice:

  • Turn in at a regular time, in order to support your own circadian rhythms.
  • Get comfortable.
  • Focus intention on achieving the rest you need at the time, rather than forcing yourself to sleep.
  • Let your mind wander freely.
  • Turn the clock toward the wall. Don't think about the time you've been lying there.
  • Remember that, whether sleeping or lying passively you are still receiving beneficial rest.
  • Put aside worry. You are in nature's hands.

The remainder of the book offers ayurvedic body type tips, techniques for soothing the senses, advice for balancing physiology, information concerning dreams, and other interesting, useful points.

Natural Sleep Aids are Safer, More Beneficial

A simple, natural approach, as Deepak Chopra recommends, is the best approach for assuring ourselves the right amount of good sleep. But many of us face times when we simply can't get to sleep, in spite of our following such advice. For those times in our lives, there are products like LUNA . Made with safe and natural ingredients LUNA's mix of herbs, nutrients and melatonin promotes falling easily into a proper sleep cycle, waking with freshness and energy. Follow Nested Naturals on Twitter for more of the latest in healthy advice.

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