5 Natural Ways to Deal With Insomnia

Richmond Gbenga · Aug 26 2020

Quick tip: You can deal with insomnia naturally in a number of ways, including via -- light therapy, meditation/relaxation techniques, yoga, aromatherapy, and of course, by taking our gentle sleep aid, LUNA which relaxes you, lulls you to sleep and helps you wake up feeling fully refreshed.

The average, healthy adult needs between 7 - 9 hours of sleep to stay healthy and happy. 

Sleep reduces stress, improves memory, lowers blood pressure, and puts you in that get-up-and-go mode you need to take charge of your day.

But…according to a survey done by Harvard, as many as 1 in 4 adults report suffering from mild insomnia. 

So, what exactly is insomnia?

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder in which you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep...and this can stem from both physical and psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

For when you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, these 5 natural remedies will help you get a better night rest:

#1: Meditation/Relaxation techniques

Regular meditation exercise can help promote relaxation and sleep by slowing breathing and reducing stress levels.

Meditation helps you direct your attention to an object of focus, helping you become increasingly self-aware, as your body and mind calm down in readiness for sleep.

Meditation techniques include; mindfulness meditation, breath awareness meditation, body scan or progressive relaxation, kundalini yoga...to mention a few. 

#2: Massage

Having a partner or friend give you a massage can help you relax and fall asleep faster.

In a 2015 study, researchers found that massage therapy benefited people with insomnia by improving relaxation and sleep.

As you get a massage [either from a professional or partner], allow your mind to focus on the feelings and sensations of touch until you get into a calm state.

#3: Lavender oil

Lavender oil is good for improving mood, reducing pain, and promoting sleep. Research has shown that taking it orally can make it even more effective.

One 2014 study showed that Lavender oil capsules helped improve sleep patterns in people dealing with depression when taken with an antidepressant. The study also showed lower levels of anxiety...which could translate to better sleep, right? Right.

For best results, take 20 to 80 mg of lavender orally each day, or as directed.

#4: Melatonin

Melatonin [aka, the sleep hormone] can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

A 2016 study found that melatonin significantly improved sleep patterns in people with cancer and insomnia. In fact, sleep quality was shown to improve more between 7 and 14 days.

For best results, take 1 to 5 mg, 30 minutes to 2 hours before bedtime.

#5: Magnesium

Magnesium, [a naturally occurring mineral] can help muscles relax thereby relieving stress. This alone help promote healthy sleep patterns.

In one 2012 study, participants took 500mg of magnesium daily for 2 months, and it was found that they experienced fewer symptoms of insomnia. In fact, they experienced improved sleep patterns.

For best results, men could take up to 400mg/day, while women can take up to 300mg/day...split between morning and evening or at once before bedtime.

Alright, that’s it guys -- but before you go…

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