8 Misconceptions about Yoga

Evgenia Ilienko · Jan 22 2017

True, false or somewhere in between? Evgenia is tackling the top 8 misconceptions about yoga.

“You must be flexible to do yoga.”

This is the one I hear most often. It is also very untrue. You go to yoga so you become more flexible, and in time you will. It is true that some people are naturally more flexible than others, but having flexibility is definitely not required going into your first class.

“Yoga is easy.”

Image via @kouklawellness on Instagram

It can be “easier”, if it’s a restorative class. But even then, staying in tune with your body and what it needs is something thats acquired over time, and the mind-body connection is not so easy. Then there are the more difficult and physical classes which require a lot of strength and stamina. So no, yoga is not easy.

“Yoga is for girls only.”

Yoga is for everyone! It is true that classes are generally dominated by girls, but luckily, more men are getting into yoga. Yoga benefits everyone and is physically challenging for everyone.

“Yoga is just for fitness.”

Part of yoga is the physical exercise, but even then it’s a moving meditation because you are connecting your body and your mind. The other parts of yoga have to do with the lifestyle, meditation and developing self-awareness.

“You can only practice in a yoga studio.”

You can practice the physical part of yoga anywhere you have a little bit of space. You don’t even need a mat or fancy workout clothes! You can even watch a YouTube video, practice with a book or an app. Going to yoga studios is great and I love the sense of community, but you can practice anywhere your heart desires.

Image via @kouklawellness on Instagram

“You must be vegan to practice.”

You can be anything you want. It is true that yoga makes you more conscious about what you are eating as you become more in tune with your body and a lot of yogis do end up becoming vegan, it is not a requirement when you’re walking into a class.

“You must have a lot of free time to practice yoga.”

Sure, it’s great when you have an hour to take a class, but we don’t aways have that luxury. Even doing stretches in bed when you wake up or a 10 minute sun salutation will be good for your body and mind- and is certainly better than nothing.

“Yoga causes injuries.”

It can. It depends on your teacher, and it depends on you. If your teacher asks you do something that doesn’t feel good in your body, don’t do it. If you begin a movement that doesn’t feel good for your body, don’t do it! Stay aware, stay in tune with yourself, move how it feels good, and you will not be injured.

Many feel incredibly sore when they first venture into the world of yoga simply because they are using muscles that they aren’t used to using. Adding a supplement like Magnesium into your daily routine can help tremendously with soreness and enhance the relaxation efforts set forth by your yoga practice!

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