Opinions: A Precursor To Decision Making

Jazmine Bahr · Mar 15 2016

People quickly feel offended and personally discredited when someone openly voices an opinion in opposition to their idea of an absolute and non negotiable topic. Often it’s assumed only an exclusive group of people are entitled to express opinions without judgment, by virtue of public glorification. Opinions should not be limited to people deemed worthy to have a trustworthy point of view by others. Everybody deserves to own their opinions, and trust that even opinions existing in solitude, still remain valuable.

So many people today are intelligent, articulate and forward thinking but often have difficulty sharing their important viewpoints in fear of not blending in with the majority. The majority is often made up of self-appointed people who have established themselves as a trusted voice with credible opinions.

The opinions of these people are very important as they can initiate intriguing discussions among the groups. While they maintain secure and unchanging views, it is still necessary to open the communication lines to more modest individuals allowing them the opportunity to express authentic, thought-provoking insights.

When we award only a select number of people the right to voice their opinions we can end up with situation that can become redundant and uninspired. This is not to say that these people lack inspiration; they may have just reached a plateau of ideas and now require external input to reach the next level.

Group dynamics require every person to remember how important they are to the equation. One simple idea or opinion that you express can be the undiscovered insight needed to provoke and ignite thoughtful dialogue. When you don’t expose people to contrasting points of view you limit everyone’s ability to develop and challenge their minds to alternative ways of thinking.

When we start to accept and encourage each individual and their contributions we begin to explore and unlock undiscovered ideas. Everybody is unique and we cannot afford to silence people and overlook their diverse viewpoints.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to being an “opinionated” person. Opinions are simply a way to express ones personal views, judgments, or appraisals. We rely on these objectives to navigate our daily lives. Without an opinion you would be unable to make important decisions that govern your life. Having an opinion and feeling confident in your judgment is necessary in order for people to make informed choices for a successful future.

If you don’t express your opinion, and allow others to influence what you believe you give away your power. Your opinions allow you to make choices that represent your core values and ideals. Opinions help us to stand out, and stand up for the things that we hold dear to us. Never allow anybody to tell you that your opinion is wrong or invalid. Each one of us has the right to freedom of thought and expression.

That being said, I want to be very clear that I am not advocating for people to spread mean and hateful words among one another. It is important to recognize here that while you have the freedom to express yourself, your expressions may come with consequences that you must be willing to live with. You can make the decision to withhold your opinion in situations that are not just a difference in thinking but are blatantly discriminatory to other parties.

When people are unwilling to entertain the contrasting views, being “opinionated” becomes an undesirable trait. We need to learn to applaud and encourage different perspectives and accept that our viewpoint may not be the only probable theory.

An individual’s opinion is their truth; they use this as a guiding principle on which important decisions are based. Therefore we must always respect and value others for their distinctive and unique perspectives.

We should disengage from feelings of inferiority when presented with opinions that don’t reflect our own. Opposing views should not be viewed as threat to intellectual integrity. There is no need to be on the defensive; alternative points of view can be respected without discrediting an individuals long-standing belief. Keep your mind open. The opinions of others may provide you with complimentary information which can be incorporated into your way of thinking.

Take with you only the messages that are stimulating and bring value to your life. You are not obligated to accept differing opinions as your truth. What does not resonate with you is valuable to know for that purpose. You do not need to integrate it into your own views. can simply be disregarded.

Do not allow anyone to intimidate you into doubting your personal insights. No one has the right to bully another person into conforming to their particular ideals. We have an opinion, which is exclusive to us and should not change for fear of going against the grain.

Make a point of encouraging those who are less assertive to let their opinions be known. The unique input from an unassuming voice could well be the missing piece needed to solve a particular puzzle.

Although, at the end of the day…this is all just my opinion.